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The Input-Output Global team (IOG), has announced that it will delay sending the Vasil hard fork update proposal due to seven bugs it needs to fix. These bugs are currently rated as “non-severe”. Although the IOG team acknowledged that this news was likely to disappoint some, it insisted that it was taking “an abundance of caution .”” to ensure the deployment went correctly.

Recently, the core Input-Output Global team (IOG), which is responsible for facilitating a Cardano Testnet update, announced that they had “agreed to delay” sending the Vasil hardfork update proposal. The team suggested that seven bugs were still unresolved, none of them being ranked as serious, which necessitated the delay.

A June 20 blog entry states that the core team’s week-end evaluation call led to the decision to delay the hard fork. The post acknowledged that the team had completed 95% of the PlutusV2 test scripts. However, it stated that the core team still needs to run some outstanding items to make sure everything works as expected. The post also stated:

We’ve determined that we will need to wait a few days more for this. We are now behind our previously announced target date of June 29, for a mainnet fork.

In the meantime, the IOG team has posted a blog post describing the Vasil hard fork project as the “most complex program in development and integration” that it has ever worked on. This has required close coordination with the ecosystem.

Mainnet Upgrade Pushed Back
According to the blog post the final decision on whether to fork the Cardano Testnet is made after consultation with members of the SPO or DApp development community.

This post contains the following:

Today, IOG (Cardano Foundation) and Cardano agreed on a new date to hard fork testnet at June’s end. After the testnet is hard forked, it will be open to exchanges and SPOs for testing and integration. This will allow us four weeks. This is a reasonable time frame and should not be taken too quickly. Therefore, the working assumption is that a Cardano mainnet fork will occur in the last week of July.

Although the IOG team acknowledged that some may be disappointed by the hard fork delay, they insisted that the decision was made to ensure proper deployment. Cardano supporters expected that the hard fork would allow the ADA token to surpass the $1 mark by June 30, as previously reported on Bitcoin.com News. The token’s price has fluctuated between $0.51 to $0.46 since the announcement.

The IOG team warned in the meantime that “no timelines in software development can be absolute.” This was explained by the core team.

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