There has been experiments already taking place to create rain and fix the issues from the climate changes done to our planet Earth.    This could really help the areas in which drought stricken places has reduced our water supply to grow crops for our foods and fresh drinking water.     They once had used salt to seed rain clouds, but that has recently changed by now using drones.     Some parts of the world they had already started this by sending drones up into these clouds to give them an electrical charge to expand them.     Even more future plans for transporting hydrogen that is in this article: renewable hydrogen can travel through existing gas pipelines.      Another issue from the water cutbacks down in the area of Klamoth Falls, Oregon has caused many folks to have their wells run dry east of Klamoth Falls.

      About the hundreds wells going dry down south of us: homes lose water as wells run dry, these drones could really help them with the rain that they need.    Homes lose water as wells dry upscientist are zapping cloudsCloud seeding in Utah.     Last night was going through three days of data figures from the stock investments that took up to 6 hours to complete.    My Elizabeth thought that for some reason of my woman not hearing from me, had thought that I wasn’t interested in her.    Just had to explain to her that I was just quite busy and told her that still have major plans in bringing her to Oregon.    Mentioned to her that we still have August 2021 to get through and soon after that we will make these plans to meet one another.     Coming on Sunday 8/1/2021 we will be checking late in the afternoon here out in Eugene, Oregon on the stock futures.      Around 6 am EST the US dollar had begun to rise just before the stock market boards had opened up in the United States.     The lowest point of $91.78 was right around that 6 am EST on the dollar and on Friday the dollar climbed up to a high of $92.20, but has fallen back down to $92.09.      On the MACDs the negativity on the history line is still expanding with a increase of -.15 today from yesterday 7/29/21 when it was at -.14.     The positive blue line yesterday was at +.19 and today hit +.15, the negative red line yesterday was at +.33 and today went down to +.30.     Still showing a pulldown on both of these lines, but a slight slow down on the drag against the dollar being taken further down.


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