Jaw-dropping bling! The most expensive Bachelor Nation engagement rings in franchise history are priced over $100,000. While the love stories are beautiful, the Neil Lane sparklers keep us coming back season after season.

The reality TV jeweler has become synonymous with The Bachelor, but surprisingly, Neil revealed there was almost no partnership at all. 

“ABC — or the production company — called me a number of times over a few years and they talked about being involved … Truthfully, I know this is kind of weird to say since I’m so involved in Hollywood, but I don’t watch that much TV,” the jeweler explained to StyleCaster in 2016. “I had definitely heard of it, but I didn’t really know the significance of it. And so I turned it down. I guess it went on like that for a couple of seasons, and then one time I got a call and they asked me again would I participate, and I still hadn’t really watched it, but one of my assistants said, ‘You know, that’s really a popular show, you might really have fun doing it.’ And so I said yes.”

While every ring that comes from the franchise is sparkly and stunning, Neil admitted he does have a favorite look. He pointed to the 3.15-carat diamond sparkler Sean Lowe gave to his now-wife, Catherine Giudici, during season 17 as one of his favorites. 

“I’m partial to the cushion-cut diamond … I think that was really pretty,” Neil explained. “The thing with diamond rings is there’s only a certain way you can make them. I’m a very classical designer. I believe in a central diamond with diamonds around it and a band. I’m not going to make a ring that can fit on your head or double up as a pendant.”

One of the biggest questions surrounding Bachelor engagements is: Do the couples get to keep the ring after they split? The franchise has not explicitly said what happens to the expensive piece of jewelry — even Neil’s best guess was that it “goes to ring heaven.” However, the common consensus is the sparkler simply gets returned to the franchise after a certain amount of time.

“If you make it to the end of The Bachelor and decide to get married within the two years following the show, the producers own the exclusive rights to your wedding. As for the ring given to you by Neil Lane? You don’t own it — and therefore can’t sell it — for two years,” author Amy Kaufman explained in her book, Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure.

There have been some amazing rings given throughout franchise history. Keep scrolling to see the most expensive sparklers!


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