Megyn Kelly offered a full-throated defense of police officers after the shooting of three Philadelphia lawmen — noting that her brother, a former beat cop in Albany, was “attacked by a gang of thugs” in the inner city of the state capital.

“I have a brother who was a police officer,” Kelly told her listeners who tuned in to SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Wednesday.

Kelly, who expressed outrage at the shooting of Philadelphia SWAT team officers who were serving a warrant on a murder suspect Wednesday, said her brother rose to become a lieutenant on the force in “inner city Albany, where I’m from.”

“He was attacked at one point by a gang of thugs who came after him and really hurt him,” Kelly said.

“He was in the hospital for a long time.”

Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly told listeners to her daily podcast on Wednesday that her brother, a retired Albany police officer, was beaten by “a gang of thugs” years ago.
YouTube / Megyn Kelly
Pete Kelly
Megyn Kelly told the listeners to her podcast that her brother, Pete, a retired Albany, New York, police officer, was “beaten by a gang of thugs” during his service.

Kelly, 51, said that after her brother — Pete, now 56 — recovered from his injuries, “he went right back out … [as a] patrolman and kept protecting [inner city residents].”

“He went into house after house — this was a predominantly black neighborhood,” according to Kelly.

She said her brother was “protecting women who were getting beaten, kids who were getting hurt, and black members of the community who were victims of black-on-black crime, which is what it tended to be there.”

“And never once said a racist thing or had a racist thought,” Kelly said of her brother, who recently concluded a “stellar career” in law enforcement.

“He just kept going back out there to protect folks and was never accused of anything like that.”

Kelly lamented the fact that “because of some cop in Minneapolis,” her brother “had the nation pointing at him and saying, ‘You’re a racist, you’re a terrible person … and you and your fellow cops don’t deserve funding.’”

The reference was to “bad apple” Derek Chauvin, who was convicted last year for the May 2020 fatal arrest of 46-year-old black man George Floyd. The death sparked violent protests around the country and led to the “Defund the police” movement pushed by Democrats, especially progressives.

Kelly during an interview with Rafael Mangual
Kelly made the comment during an interview with Rafael Mangual, an academic and expert on crime.
YouTube / Megyn Kelly

Kelly said that “these Democrats won’t budge off of their old rhetoric” because they’re in thrall to “the Squad” and that deviating from the anti-police line would “cost you with their base.”

Kelly’s guest, author and researcher Rafael Mangual, blamed the surge in crime in Philadelphia on progressive District Attorney Larry Krasner.

The podcaster slammed Democrats and their supporters, demanding “an apology for the rhetoric” denouncing police.

Protester holds sign for George Floyd
Kelly said the fatal arrest of George Floyd in May 2020 has led to critics unfairly tarnishing the police as racist.
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She said the nation ought to be “celebrating them for the heroes that they are” and that “98% of them” abide by the rules while 2% are “bad apples” who “give the others a bad name, like any other profession.”

“These guys need to be built back up and we need to show them our appreciation and affection, given the risks that we ask them to take,” Kelly said.

Mangual said cops are dealing with people “on their very worst days in their very worst moments” and that the job is “psychologically taxing.”


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