Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of MyMetaverse, stated that they wanted to demonstrate that Mojang could do it in a way that was both beneficial and profitable for them. Mojang Studios , the Minecraft creator, was opposed to the integration of non fungible coins (NFT). 

However, a Metaverse-focused company managed to integrate NFTs in several games, including its Minecraft server.

Oscar Franklin Tan, Chief Financial Officer at blockchain gaming company Enjin, and Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of MyMetaverse, shared their experiences on how they were able connect the dots and integrate NFTs into Minecraft without violating the terms and conditions.

Kertonegoro stated that Minecraft’s NFT rules were meant to protect players from bad experiences. However, many servers have broken these rules. The executive said that they can introduce NFTs on their servers without breaking the game’s guidelines. This is done by not offering any pay-to win NFTs, and giving away their most valuable NFTs. He explained that:

Mymetaverse demonstrates how this will be beneficial

We wanted to demonstrate Mojang that this could be done in a way they would benefit them, their players and the entire gaming industry. You know it’s not the best way to get people on your server.

Tan also contributed to the discussion and said that Enjin supports MyMetaverse’s effort to have a conversation with Mojang Studios. Mojang’s NFT-integrated Minecraft Server has been in existence for four years before Minecraft banned NFTs.

He also mentioned that even China, which is outrightly against cryptocurrency, has expressed its interest to support NFTs. He mentioned that Minecraft could be supported if it worked for the Chinese government.

The NFTs MyMetaverse created for Minecraft also have an interoperability feature and can be used in many other games, such as in its Grand Theft Auto 5 server (GTAV5) and Infinity Realm, its massively multiplayer online game (MMO). Kertonegoro explained:

The games will be able to connect to players web3 wallets

These different games can read the wallet of the user and show them that they have the NFT. They then provide different benefits to the users. This NFT in Minecraft is a sword. In GTA, the NFT can be used to drive a car or in Infinity Realms it can be used to build a house.

Tan expressed his belief that NFTs that can work in different games is a key component to the development of the Metaverse. Tan stated that:

“Interoperability creates a greater community. It is the foundation of the Metaverse, which we have been building since 2018.

Kertonegoro highlighted the positive impact their NFTs would have on Polkadot’s wider ecosystem, as they run on Efinity, an Enjin parachain. Adopters must innovate to grow the ecosystem. He said that this is what we are doing.


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