Blockchain gaming studio Mythical Games was announced Wednesday by 22 partner companies and a few big-name advisors. Decentralization in Web3 gaming was the purpose of this announcement. John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games, says that his company is “not enough”.

Launch partners of the Mythos Foundation include game publishers such as Ubisoft and Krafton, Netmarble.

It will also include esports heavy hitters such as Gen.G, FaZe Clan and EVOS. Web3 has also gathered Klaytyn Brands, Hadean and LINE Blockchain players, as well as Oasys.

Linden said that there are probably five more companies that have signed, but he wasn’t ready to announce them yet.

Mythos Foundation boasts a strong roster of initial advisors including Rehito Hatoyama, former Sanrio COO, Animoca Brands Chairman Yat Siu, 100 Thieves’ Chief Products Officer Pete Hawley and Jaci Hays (FaZe Clan’s Chief Corporate Alliance Officer), Adam Bain, Ryan Wyatt (Polygon Studios President), and many others, according to the announcement.

The Mythos Foundation has also been joined by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and electronic music duo The Chainsmokers.

The foundation will manage the Mythos DAO, which is a decentralized community that uses an Ethereum ERC-20 network for its Mythos (MYTH) token. It should not be confused with the Mythos token on the Binance chain. MYTH holders can vote on ecosystem decisions and make proposals.

The Mythos Foundation will also need to make decisions on cross-chain matters and NFT standards. They will also be responsible for esports-related decisions, guild support decisions, and policy changes. These moves are likely to ensure some consistency in crypto gaming.

As well as being a governance token, MYTH will serve as the main currency for the Mythical Games NFT marketplace. It will also be used to secure Mythical’s blockchain.

Linden stated that the one thing we don’t care about in the industry is single-game tokens on public mainnets. This is why MYTH will be multifunctional.

Activision and Seismic Games alumnus says he hopes that the Mythos Foundation, DAO and Seismic Games will be able to function as a type of “Web3 alliance” within the videogame industry.

He hopes that Mythos “connects East and West together” so they can provide seamless, compatible gaming experiences all over the globe.

Mythical’s new Mythos Foundation, DAO and token announcement marks a major shift in Mythical’s role as the developer of games such as ” Blankos Block Parties” or ” NFL Rivals.”

Linden spoke of Mythical Games, saying that they have been called “very Web 2.5”. “And I’m like, ‘That’s cool. “I feel like we are moving to Web 2.7.

The plan is centered on slow, but steady progress toward Web3. It took Mythical about a year to obtain ” Blankos.”

Linden believes that Web3 gaming’s success is dependent on the support of large corporations.

He said that the App stores, whether they be mobile, PC or console, are essential if you want to make the game a major economic force. “And I believe the only way Web3 is really valuable long-term [as] a main stream economy.”

Web3 will need many gamers to survive. It’s likely to be more than you realize.

Linden stated that “you really need to have 10s of millions of people in these ecosystems if you want to have a long-term fulfilling economy.”

This is not just about app store policies. Gamers also require more time to become comfortable with Web3. Linden believes they will eventually come around.

Linden said that gamers love Web3’s functionality, but they don’t care enough about crypto or blockchain concepts.

Mythical is open to all, not just Web3 fans.

Linden stated, “It’s an evolutionary process, not a revolution.”


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