A Hollywood legend. Natasha Lyonne is an actress you couldn’t forget, even if you tried. From her raspy voice to her vibrant red hair, the Orange Is the New Black star was made for show business. After embarking on her sobriety journey, Natasha made her comeback when she starred in the 2013 Netflix hit alongside Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon. Since then, the New York native has undergone a full transformation from style to weight loss.

Although the American Pie actress has been glowing from within lately and her body has become quite petite, Natasha despises the thought of working out. She once admitted exercise is “highly humiliating” during a May 2018 appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

“I exercise exclusively in the dark. I try to not be found exercising. I like gym classes that are very dark and I put in earplugs, and I go to the back corner,” she admitted.

The Russian Doll creator and lead then went on to express how she finds workout class communities “very minimizing as a human being.” While talking about taking spin classes, she revealed her biggest pet peeve with fitness instructors.

“I don’t want to high-five you. If you come up to me in the middle of the class … and then you suddenly high-five me, I’m terrified,” she continued.

That wasn’t the first time Natasha talked about her distaste for voluntary physical activity with the talk show host, though. In fact, the Poker Face actress shared she dodged a friend’s invitation to take a yoga class way back in 2001.

“I’m not really a yoga sort. I don’t really like breathing with other people at the same time,” she told Conan.

While she isn’t a gym rat, Natasha shared her healthy habits. Weeks before the interview, she embarked on a week-long fast with a company called We Care. Although she voluntarily attended the wellness retreat, Natasha had no idea what she really signed up for.

“I Imagined that there was going to be lots of smoothies and massages,” she shared. “In fact, it’s more like you have lemon water, you have lemon water tea, then you get a soup. It’s kind of like The Exorcist pea soup at the end of the movie and a lot of enemas,” Natasha continued, adding, “I found myself [with] no massages, no smoothies, but, like, running from the enema specialist.”

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