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While delivering a motivational speech, one venture capitalist will take you to his Bored Ape’s feet. “I read wartime novels which are hilarious,” says a 3D ape in a tee shirt .

“The idea is that you can place yourself in wartime and like these times of great crises, and suddenly, what you’re doing won’t feel overwhelming.”

This is just a small sample of Bored Ape #9132’s videos. His account is now available on Cameo.

Cameo, the platform that allows fans to pay celebrities and influencers to make short videos for them, is now home of its first Bored Ape . If you ever needed advice from a bored-looking ape that has gone from PHP to HTML3D, this is your chance.

Bored Ape #9132 creates three-minute videos that offer advice and other insights to buyers.

Adam Draper is a Venture Capitalist at Boost VC. He was also an early Coinbase investor.

Draper stated to Decrypt that he believes Bored Apes will “naturally take on the personality and their owners” when they are brought to life as 3D characters.

He said that he imagined his Cameo page as a new channel to receive startup pitches. It could also allow people to interact with the Bored Ape community, in a way that was not possible before.

Aquifer, an animation firm backed by Boost VC, created the 3D Ape.

Draper is the son of billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper. He previously called creating Ape videos on Cameo his cure for climate change. The revenue from his cartoon Cameos will be used to support environmental causes. Draper posted on Twitter that all money earned during the process would be “put” towards ocean nonprofits.

Although it isn’t clear how large Ape toes can “cure” climate changes, there’s one thing that’s certain: the Bored Ape Yacht Club is polarizing. Many fans have expressed disapproval of Ape owners such as Snoop Dogg or Eminem. This is a sign that NFTs may not be mainstream yet.

Draper, for his part, says that he’s not at all fazed.

“I like an industry with opposition. He said that it means they will be more passionate when they realize the power and ownership of the internet.

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