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NYDIG, a sub-company of Stone Ridge’s bitcoin company, announced on July 14, 2022 that it had signed a multiyear agreement with the Major League Baseball (MLB), team, the New York Yankees. The partnership announcement states that NYDIG will become the official bitcoin payroll platform strong> for the professional baseball team.

NYDIG Signs a Multi-Year Partnership Agreement with the MLB’s New York Yankees
According to NYDIG’s announcement, the company has entered into a multi-year partnership agreement with the American baseball team, the New York Yankees. According to NYDIG, the agreement will give Yankees employees access the company’s Bitcoin Savings Plan.

Members of the Yankees can convert a portion of their payroll checks into bitcoin using the BSP product by NYDIG ( BTC). This benefit is available to employees via the NYDIG platform. There are no storage or transaction fees. NYDIG claims that NYDIG’s BSP benefits are used by “dozens of top companies”.

The New York Yankees are an American baseball team that was founded in 1901. It is part of the American League (AL), East division.
Aryn Sobo is the Yankees’ vice-president of human resources, employment and labor law. She explained that the Yankees are “always looking to innovate ways to expand our employee experience.” This comes as young workers increasingly prefer to receive a portion of their wages in BTC. According to NYDIG research, 36% of workers under 30 are interested receiving this type of payment. Sobo added that it was easy for NYDIG to add Bitcoin to the benefits list.

The Yankees have added a vice president for human resources to their team:

We are excited to use the NYDIG platform for this opportunity to our employees.

NYDIG Executive Says Company’s Savings Plan Could Be One of The Most Efficient Ways To Save Bitcoin
NYDIG’s partnership with the New York Yankees was not the first such deal. NYDIG formed a partnership with the Houston Rockets, a National Basketball Association (NBA), team in mid-November 2021. The deal with the Rockets was announced by , a bitcoin-focused fintech company . had disclosed that it was working with MVB bank to provide white label bitcoin solutions for third parties. Kelly Brewster (chief marketing officer at NYDIG) stated that the company was looking forward to working with the American baseball team.

Brewster stated that he was proud to announce a partnership with the Yankees and his hometown team to help bring bitcoin to everyone. NYDIG is dedicated to helping clients realize the full potential and providing the trust-worthy service and standards that have made us synonymous with trust. Employees of the Yankees, and others, have the option to contribute a portion of their salary to a Bitcoin Savings Plan. The dollar-cost average can help smooth out any bumps.

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