Fidenza is a generative Ethereum token that can be used for non-fungible purposes ( FFT). It was created by Tyler Hobbs and has been gaining popularity. One wallet bought eight Fidenzas worth close to $1,000,000. A wallet spent $900,000 alone on the generative arts NFT project.

Fidenza Bot flagged a series of back to back purchases. This automated Twitter bot scans OpenSea for Fidenza Sales, and it did so on Wednesday morning. Notably, three transactions were completed in 12 minutes. The total amount was 280.50ETH (approximately $356,294). The average price was 93.50ETH (approximately £118,765).

Majority of NFTs were purchased by the same wallet address

All NFTs were bought by the same wallet 808450 and at a much higher price than previous sales. Fidenza #459 was last sold on June 11, 2021 for 0.29 Ethereum, or approximately $687. Fidenza #726 was last sold for 1.2 wrapped ether (WETH), which is approximately $3,098, and Fidenza #18, for 8.5 Ethereum (approximately $15,294).

The transaction boosted’s market capital to 90,609.30 Ethereum (roughly $121 million) as well as raising its floor price from 94 ETH to $116,154.

Three more NFTs were purchased within 17 minutes by the same wallet on Thursday morning. Each sold for at least $98 (approximately $125,000.244).

Fidenza #136 was another NFT that was transferred to wallet 808450 on Friday afternoon. This left the well-to do investor with eight Fidenza NFTs, totaling 689.95 Ethereum (approximately $910 27,7).

Separately, wallet purchased Fidenza #4 for $94,268, or a total of 781.25 Ethereum (approximately $1.03million) over 48 hours.

What caused the sudden interest in the algorithmic-based arts project? Although it’s not clear, Jollytime.eth, a Twitter user, speculated in a series tweets that the NFTS might have been bought by an investment company linked to Leslie Alexander (a successful bond trader who was also the former Houston Rockets owner).

The total project volume at the time of writing is 51.5K Ethereum, which amounts to approximately $68.2 Million. According to Crypto Slam, Art blocks is now the most popular Ethereum-based NFT creation platform behind Fidenza in terms of volume sales.


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