Dreaming of the beach? Us, too! That’s why we’re paying homage to the ultimate bikini babe Olivia Culpo. The former Miss Universe knows how to rock a two-piece like nobody’s business. 

Olivia looks so great in swimwear that she landed the cover of the 2020 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. “I was SO surprised! The news came out of nowhere and the way SI presented it was really creative and fun. I was so caught off guard and I cried immediately, followed by a shot of tequila after the call,” she recalled to the magazine about her reaction, adding, “I should probably add that I was on vacation in the Bahamas when they told me!” Of course, she was probably wearing a bikini at the time.

She revealed, “I still have the vision board I made about five years ago where my goal was just to be included in the magazine. So, to now be on the cover is unfathomable. It is the definition of a dream come true for me.”

Olivia made her SI swim debut two years earlier in January 2018 as a rookie, which was a “dream” for her. The Rhode Island native even got advice from SI swimwear vet, Hannah Ferguson, about how to prepare for her magazine debut.

“I asked Hannah what I should do. She said, ‘practice in the mirror, practice all of your poses, have 10 poses ready, know your angles,’ and I did exactly that, and it helped,” she told People, adding, “I actually did a test shoot on my iPhone with someone that I work with. We looked insane. We were on the beach with the iPhone doing a test shoot. People were just staring at us.”

Maybe that’s why Olivia always looks so incredible in all of her Instagram bikini photos. She loves beach getaways and is frequently posting photos of having fun in the sun while showing off her perfectly toned figure in tiny swimwear. When she’s not on the sand, in the water or on a boat, Olivia makes sure to show off her insane bikini body in plenty of sexy mirror selfies.

Scroll down for Olivia’s best bikini photos. 


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