The Windy City’s best bikinis! The One Chicago fandom loves their leading ladies, and the Chicago P.D., Chicago Med and Chicago Fire stars love their bathing suit photos.

While Sophia Bush is no longer playing the Chicago Police Department’s headstrong detective Erin Lindsay, the former CW star is constantly enjoying luxurious vacations with her husband, Grant Hughes. Over the years, the actress has been super open about body confidence in various interviews.

“I’ve spent so much time talking to women about, ‘Hey, I may be on TV and I may be photographed for magazines, but I don’t think I’m perfect.’ I don’t wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and go, ‘Hey, I’m amazing!’ That’s not how it is,” Sophia said during a Today show appearance in 2014 promoting the I Am That Girl charity. “I’m a women and it’s a struggle for all of us.”

She added, “It took me until this point in my life at 31 to say, ‘Hey, yeah I’m going to embrace my body and own it for me, not anyone else. And I’m curvy. I’m not some rail-thin, 6-foot-tall runway model who was just born that way. I was born like this. And that’s A-OK.’ And the conversations that have sort of come out of that, the conversations about feeling empowered in our skin rather than comparing ourselves to other women have been a really great byproduct actually of that whole shoot.”

The One Tree Hill alum isn’t the only One Chicago lady who embraces body confidence. Torrey DeVitto — who played Dr. Natalie Manning on Chicago Medgot real about self-care during an interview with New Beauty from November 2021.

“I am looking forward to continue growing and doing the things I love while surrounding myself with loved ones,” the Vampire Diaries alum gushed at the time about taking care of herself. “I’ve been trying to learn a lot about composting and gardening, while also trying to learn more and more about how to live sustainably. I recently purchased a farm in Michigan, and I’m trying to figure out how I can use that farm to give back to the land that the farm lives on. So that is definitely going to be a goal of mine, to continue researching and learning.”

Scroll through the gallery to see the One Chicago ladies’ best bikini moments over the years. 


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