17 million OP tokens have been returned by the Wintermute exploiter to the Optimism contract email address. As of press time, the hacker still has one million OP tokens.

The 20 million OP tokens that Wintermute stole from the crypto market maker Wintermute were stolen by an exploiter. Wintermute returned 17 million coins to the Optimism contract addresses.

Data from Etherscan shows 17 transactions of 1,000,000 OP tokens each starting at 12.09 PM UTC and ending at 12.31 PM UTC Friday.

As of publication, the exploiter still had 1 million OP tokens in his wallet. Prior to the hack, the attacker sent 1,000,000 coins to Vitalik Buterin . He also sold 1 million additional tokens immediately after.

The attacker has fulfilled a earlier promise to return the funds, even though he was 3 million tokens short. Wintermute initially gave the hacker a week to return the funds, promising to not pursue legal action.

Because Wintermute provided an undeployed multisignature wallet to Optimism, the hacker was able to access the funds and received a 20-million OP token grant.

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