A long history! NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews met in high school and now, they’re married and parents of their sweet first child, daughter Sterling Skye.

The pair met while the NFL player was a freshman and the soccer player was a sophomore at Whitehouse High School in their home state of Texas. “He just became one of my best friends, like all of his other friends were. I never liked him, we were just best friends,” the Balance Elite Leader recalled in a video on her Instagram. 

However, the blonde beauty “started getting a crush on him” more than a year later after an “embarrassing” encounter when Patrick gave her a sweet Valentine’s Day card and a rose. “He just brought it to me as a funny joke, but like I thought it was the cutest thing in the world,” Brittany explained. “Everyone in the cafeteria started chanting like, ‘Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!’” Despite the public attention, the pair started dating shortly after. 

“Then, boom, we just fell in love,” she gushed. Funny enough, Brittany wasn’t aware they were both athletes when they began their romance.

“When we started dating, I had no idea he was even good at sports,” the fitness pro explained. “The quarterback had graduated, and I was talking to [Patrick] like, ‘So, who’s going to be our quarterback?’ And he was like, ‘Well I think I’m going to try out.’ I was like, ‘Wait, you play quarterback?’”

By senior year, Patrick “played full-time” as the school’s quarterback and began receiving attention for his skills on the field. “He ended up going to Texas Tech, and that’s when it really hit me, ‘Oh s—t, he might go play professional football,” Brittany said about her now-fiancé. “It was surreal to see him living his dream and seeing him grow as an athlete and as a man in general was just amazing.”

However, Patrick wasn’t the only one whose sports career was skyrocketing. Brittany was a rising star on her high school soccer team and even broke the record for the most hat tricks in a season. 

After college, she went to play pro soccer in Iceland. “I realized, you know, that you have to have huge passion if you want to play soccer and that’s what you want your career to be,” Brittany noted. “I found that my passion was in fitness and helping others.” This led her to create her at-home workout program, Brittany Lynne Fitness.

Patrick and Brittany are in it for the long. See their full relationship timeline below!


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