The biggest fight Peyton and Eli Manning ever had supposedly happened as adults, not children.

On Omaha Productions’ “ManningCast” during the Patriots-Cardinals game on Monday night, the brothers were asked about their biggest scrap by guest Bill Simmons.

“A couple years ago, we were on a golf trip, and I was trying to take a nap,” Peyton said. “And I was in a corner bed…”

Eli immediately started to smirk, knowing where his brother was going with this.

“And he came up behind me, he kind of had me leveraged into a wall, and he gave me a wedgie,” Peyton continued. “He almost went atomic with it.”

Eli dryly interjected: “It was atomic.”

“I was about to be asleep,” Peyton lamented. “I was so angry, basically because the nap was interrupted. The atomic wedge was an added bonus. He was so proud. We almost threw down, but I was in pain — I couldn’t fight real well, Bill.”

Eli revealed added insult to injury.

“He said it was his favorite underwear that I ripped, Bill, and he was upset about that, too. ‘This is my favorite underwear!’ And then he totally ripped them off, eventually.”

Peyton Manning revealed the biggest fight he's ever been in with Eli on "ManningCast."
Peyton Manning revealed the biggest fight he’s ever been in with Eli on “ManningCast.”
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Peyton and Eli began doing “ManningCast” on ESPN2 last year and alternate their guests across sports and entertainment.

Additionally during the Simmons segment on Monday night, Eli Manning had a zinger for when the guest asked him derisively about which was his favorite hold by his offensive line on the famous “Helmet Catch” play against the Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl.

“It was Tyree holding the ball on his helmet,” Eli deadpanned.


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