FDA reports more than 40 drugs shortages in 2020 and 85 going through 2021 this year, with a medicine shortage at most pharmacies throughout the United States.    Including around the world, yesterday I had to have a couple of my medications refilled and were out of my heart medication yesterday.      Picked it up during the afternoon, but woke up feeling sick from pressure against my damaged left hip.      Were I rarely get pressure from my bladder pressing along the inner part of my left hip and for passing out on my left hip last night.     Woke up feeling feverish and needing to go to the bathroom, but after picking up the two medications found out that I had swelling along the left side of my hip.   Due from pressure caused by clothing that tends to be way to tight as I everything I wear needs to be loose fitting.     Something that my Elizabeth was learning about this morning from me.      Here is that article on the drug shortage: More than 85 on medication shortage going on this year.      Hopefully from this $3.5 trillion bipartisan agreement that they find ways to amend to these shortages that was caused by the pandemic.

       Senate Democrats announce $3.5 trillion budget agreement and here is that article: Senate Democrats announce $3.5 trillion budget agreement.      The dollar had jumped up throughout Tuesday by gaining around .62 cents on Tuesday 7/13/21 and driving stocks down.     After the US dollar reopening going into Wednesday morning its been going downward with a high after reopening of $92.83 and has been falling down to $92.71 with it at its lowest point at 8:32 pm PST.      The dollar earlier closed at $92.75 on Tuesday, yesterday the positive blue line on the MACDs was at +.43 and today was at +.44.

        The negative red line yesterday was at +.45 and today was at +.45, the history line yesterday was at -.02 and today -.01.    Still the negative red line is still holding upon the dollar from trying to move upward.      Here is the stock futures going into Wednesday morning 7/14/21: DOW is down by $40.00, the S & P 500 is down by $4.00 and the NASDAQ is up by $8.75 at 9:01 pm PST. 


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