A house fit for an award-winning actress! Viola Davis gave fans a look inside her stunning Los Angeles home, which she shares with husband Julius Tennon.

“Our definition of home is a sanctuary, and this is definitely a sanctuary,” the How to Get Away With Murder alum told Architectural Digest in January 2023 of the house, which was being renovated as she filmed The Woman King in South Africa. “We were inspired by the incredible color and culture there.”

While the couple wanted “to go big and bold, but not too bold, not garish” with their home. Something, it appears, that they have achieved.

Along with the lush green backyard and perfectly polished rooms, Viola and Julius have added a piece of themselves within their shared office. Displayed on the room’s ornate shelving units are both stars’ many acting accolades that they share.

“Honestly, I didn’t go in there much before the renovation. It was too overwhelming. The trophies are still there, but they don’t feel like the main conversation. It’s much more serene,” the Fences actress explained. “When people come to the house, I want them to walk into our lives. And our lives are much more expansive than just an Oscar or a Tony.”

One thing they both wanted within the house was a large tub to unwind after long days in Hollywood.

“We talk, we laugh hysterically, we reconnect,” Viola told AD of her and Julius’ nightly routine.

The longtime lovers, who met in 1999 on the City of Angels, share one daughter together, Genesis, whom they adopted in October 2011. Throughout their time together, the couple has shared the key to a long and healthy marriage in various interviews.

“It’s about the everyday. I think that, that’s what people forget when they fall in love with someone and it’s exciting,” Viola told People in February 2016 of their marriage. “You have to get back to the everyday — the taking the garbage out, the cooking, the cleaning — and it’s something that I think really works with me and my husband.”

Talk about true love! Scroll through the gallery for an inside look at Viola and Julius’ home. 


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