Fashionista! Ashley Benson loves wearing braless fashions, whether she’s on the red carpet or showing off her trendy street style. The actress became a household name through her role as Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars, and she hasn’t slowed down yet. 

While the California native described her personal style as “laid-back” thanks to her love of “boots, leather jackets, sweaters and coats” during a previous interview with Marie Claire, she noted that she also loves getting glammed up.

“When I do dress up, I really go for it. I like a suit look on a girl,” the Spring Breakers actress said. “Take a risk once in a while — why not? But try to wear things you feel comfortable in. If you’re not, it will show, especially in pictures.” 

The Christmas Cupid actress isn’t afraid to take fashion risks, but she also keeps her looks relatively streamlined. 

“Black, simple and chic,” Ashley noted when asked by W Magazine what “three words” described her style. “At least, when I try to dress. Usually, I’m just in, like, sweats. But when I try, to be honest with you, I base my looks off the Olsen twins. I’ve been their biggest fan since I was born.”

That being said, the Pixels star advised anyone to “just be comfortable” in whatever you decide to wear. “I know that when I go to events and I’m uncomfortable — whether because of shoes or something’s too tight — it really does ruin my day or night.”

Ashley’s beauty routine follows her low-key sense of style, as well. “I usually just get out the door. I’ll put moisturizer on, maybe eyebrow gel, always lip balm, but that’s really it,” she told Pop Sugar about her morning routine. “I like to just keep it natural.”

Considering part of her job as an actress is getting glammed up for work in some capacity, the Bring It On: In It to Win It star is happy with a less is more philosophy in her personal life. 

“I spent so much time in hair and makeup with work,” she said. “The more that I can just not have to do anything, the better — just because I don’t like to do it.

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