Stealing hearts! Sydney Sweeney has made headlines for her role as Cassie Howard in HBO’s Euphoria, but the actress has also become somewhat of a fashion icon. Since stepping foot into the spotlight, the Washington native has taken over tons of red carpets with her most fashionable looks — some of which she wore without a bra.

Euphoria fans are used to seeing Sydney without a bra because of all the nude scenes on the show, but she doesn’t let that bother her one bit.

“I’m so disconnected from [doing nude scenes],” the White Lotus star explained to Cosmopolitan in February 2022. “When I get tagged in Cassie’s or Pippa from The Voyeurs’s nudes, it feels like me looking at their nudes, not Sydney’s nudes. When you film one of these scenes, it is so technical and so not romantic. There are people staring at you, there’s pads between you, there’s nipple covers and weird sticker thongs all up in your butt. When I saw The Voyeurs for the first time, I wondered if I’d done too much. I researched celebrities who have done nude scenes, trying to make myself feel better.”

Sydney went on to say that there’s a “double standard” in Hollywood between men and women’s nude scenes, noting, “I really hope I can have a little part in changing that.” The HBO star is also all about having a positive body image — often sharing her personal experiences with fans.

“I had someone tell me once, it was [someone’s] mother, actually … I’m a very active person. I get hurt. I get bruises. I get cuts. I think I came back from laser tag, and I had rug burns all over my legs because I got really into it. And she sat me up on the counter and told me that no boy will ever love me if I have marks on my body,” she recalled to British GQ in February 2022. “I told her, ‘Well, I guess I’m just gonna have to love myself.’”

Although she is all about being confident in her own skin, Sydney understands that, sometimes, “it’s a daily process.”

She told Yahoo! Life in May 2021, “It’s definitely hard because I know I’m a role model and I want to show that I am confident and I’m also a real person. And sometimes I’m not happy with myself or something just doesn’t feel right. I think it’s important for everyone to know that everyone’s a real person and everyone has feelings and it’s OK if you don’t feel confident one day, but just know that you’re beautiful, no matter what.

Scroll through the gallery to see photos of Sydney’s best braless moments. 

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