The Nouns NFT fork will end its initial collection after releasing many pixel portraits the late monarch in recent weeks. QueenE, an Ethereum-based NFT, will hold its last Gen1 auction after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The project was launched in July, and it has already released 73 pieces of artwork. 

After the death of England’s long-serving monarch, an Ethereum FFT project produced many pieces of Queen Elizabeth II tribute art over the past two months. It is hosting today’s final auction.

QueenE NFT project was launched in July 2022

QueenE launched their auctions in July. It offered a single Ethereum FFT portrait as a tribute to the Queen. The project was created by HTML3 builder Fabio Sega and the pseudonymous Mladen.eth. It was intended to launch procedurally generated pieces at a steady pace for the remainder of Queen Elizabeth’s life.

The project forked its code and format from Nouns. This NFT project, which auctions one Ethereum-based profile photo each day and admits buyers to an exclusive club, is an innovative NFT project. However, it gave the project a royal twist by offering up lo-fi renditions Queen Elizabeth II. The QueenE auctions were initially launched every few hours but now they are mostly launched once a day.

The project announced today that the current auction for the 73rd Ethereum NFT was the final one to be released in the original collection. The QueenE Twitter account teased a future “Gen2” collection, but no details were revealed at the time of publication.

“Rest in Ethereum forever,” is the Twitter bio of the project.

QueenE Final auction will be held on Opensea

The final QueenE Gen1 NFT currently has a top price of 0.5 Ethereum, which is approximately $825. The auction will end at 4 AM ET tomorrow. The previous highest ETH price for any piece of the collection was 1.9 ETH on QueenE #23 July 27, which was worth approximately $3,275.

An NFT is a token on blockchain that represents ownership of an item. This includes digital goods such as artwork, profile photos, collectibles and video games. Some notable collectibles have raked in eight-figure sales as the NFT market exploded across 2021.

Secondary sales for QueenE NFTs have increased since Queen Elizabeth II’s death was announced earlier today. At OpenSea, the current floor price, which is the cheapest item on a marketplace, sits at 0.88ETH or approximately $1,450.

Like Nouns the proceeds of QueenE NFTs’ primary sales are channeled into a Treasury, which is managed by a or decentralized autonomous organisation. This is an online group that shares common interests and has token-based members. DAO members have the ability to vote on various proposals for how the funds are used (currently 10.10 Ethereum, or $16,650).


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