One of the most bizarre bombshells yet just dropped on disgraced Playboy boss Hugh Hefner’s loverboy legacy: Two of his former “Girls Next Door” have accused him of crying crocodile tears to have his way with his harem of playmates.

Continuing to sound the sirens on their seemingly once-beloved Hef, ex-bunnies Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt now claim that the late men’s magazine magnate would manipulatively turn on the waterworks. 

“If we were emotional about something or asking for something, he would start fake crying,” said Madison, 42, while reminiscing with Marquardt, 48, about her unpleasant experiences at the Playboy Mansion on their podcast “Girls Next Level.”

“It was such bad acting and so obvious,” added Madison. 

The platinum blonde co-starred as one of Hef’s three main girlfriends, alongside co-host Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, 37, on E!’s “Girls Next Door” in the early 2000s. 

Madison and Marquardt claim Hef pretended to cry in order to get his way with his Playboy bunnies.
Madison and Marquardt claimed Hef pretended to cry in order to get his way with the Playboy bunnies.
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Her fake-crying claim against Hefner, who died of sepsis at age 91 in 2017, comes just days after she and Marquardt used their platform to expose him for making Playmates feel like pieces of “meat” during forced orgies in his “hoarder-like” bed filled with sex toys. 

During their most recent episode, Madison went on to blast Hef for “gaslighting” her and the other girls by weaponizing his tears even though he already had “all the power in the relationship.”

“For the longest time I never talked to anybody about it because I thought maybe I was the only one noticing this,” said Madison of Hefner’s phony blubbering. 

Wilkerson (left) detected some phoniness in Hef's upset, too, according to Madison (far right).
Wilkerson (left) detected some phoniness in Hef’s upset, too, according to Madison (far right).
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“But I remember, not long after Kendra moved in she goes, ‘Does Hef fake cry? Because I was talking to him and he started fake crying,’” she continued, noting that Wilkerson’s query came as a comfort. 

“I was like, ‘Finally, I know I’m not insane,’” Madison recounted. “It was insane how obvious it was and how bad the acting was, but you can’t say anything because he’s the one who has all the power in the relationship.”

And, to Madison, Hefner’s pseudo sobs diminished his pop culture prominence.  

“It was insanity and something I never would have expected from a cultural icon,” she declared. 

“I just had this idea in my mind of what I thought Hef was going to be [like] based on what he’d accomplished and what I saw from a distance. And he’s a fake crier.”

Hefner's forced tears lessened him as an icon in Madison's eyes.
Hefner’s forced tears lessened him as an icon in Madison’s eyes.
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Elsewhere, the fair-headed friends damned Hefner for making his live-in Playboy bunnies hunt him down for their weekly allowances. 

“You had to track this multimillionaire business mogul, who still, at that time, was very much the editor-in-chief of Playboy Magazine with a very busy day,” said Marquardt. “You had to track him down and be like, ‘Hi honey, can I collect my allowance?’”

And despite the fact that she and Madison were featured as the leading ladies in Hef’s life, Marquardt claims that being his top sweetheart came with no extra frills

“There’s no upside, you don’t get more money, you don’t get treated better,” she said. “In fact, it’s worse because you don’t get your own room, you’re constantly on watch and under the microscope. You can’t get away with anything.”


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