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Pierre Poilievre won by a huge margin the leadership race and plans to make Canada “blockchain capital” of the world.

On Saturday, the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), elected Pierre Poilievre, a pro-Bitcoin Ontario member of parliament, as its new leader. It wasn’t even close.

Poilievre won over 68% of conservative votes, well ahead of Jean Charest (former Quebec premier), who managed only 16% of total votes. Poilievre was not only the most popular candidate in nearly every riding (electoral area) across Canada, but he also dominated in terms of vote count.

Poilievre, the CPC’s leader, is now set to challenge Justin Trudeau for Canada’s top post in the 2025 federal elections. Canadians will soon be able to elect a pro Bitcoin Prime Minister, a first in North American politics.

Pierre Poilievre states Canadians should be able to use bitcoin

Poilievre stated earlier this year that “Government is ruining Canada’s dollar”, and suggested that Canadians should be able to use bitcoin.

Poilievre is a vocal supporter of bitcoin. He even bought a shawarma using bitcoin at Tahini’s London during the spring CPC leadership campaign. According to his political disclosures, Poilievre has at least $10,000 worth of Purpose bitcoin, a Canadian exchange-traded fund.

Poilievre stated, “I want Canada to be the blockchain capital of world.

Like most Bitcoiners, Poilievre doesn’t seem to like fiat currency. Poilievre has lashed out at the Bank of Canada for not containing runaway inflation. He promised that he would fire Canada’s central bank governor, audit its activities and stop the creation of a digital currency central bank (CBDC) during his premiership.

The Bank of Canada has no business creating its own digital currency. Poilievre tweet this spring that he would abandon the PM [Prime Minister] position and allow the Auditor General audit their $400 billion money printing fiasco.

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