Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene hit out at Rachel Maddow on Tuesday for “smearing me with lies about my faith” and “love for America” after the MSNBC star compared her to “Christian nationalists” who espoused racist views.

Green (R-Ga.) blasted Maddow on Tuesday as part of the “godless lying left” for likening her to Gerald L.K. Smith, a self-proclaimed “Christian nationalist” from the 1940s and 50s.

“Rachel Maddow is smearing me with lies about my faith and love for America and trying to connect me to someone I’ve never heard of or know anything about,” Greene tweeted.

The controversial lawmaker said that Maddow “gets paid to lie about me by her hard left employers at MSNBC.”

“What a pitiful way to earn a paycheck,” Greene tweeted about Maddow, who earns an estimated $30 million a year from the Comcast-owned cable channel.

“In reality, being a Christian means I acknowledge I’m a sinner and my savior is a Jewish man named Jesus who I believe is the son of God,” Greene tweeted.

“I also believe God’s word in the Bible, which is about the people of Israel and the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Greene denied that she harbors racist and anti-Semitic views, adding: “The godless lying left has been lying about me from day one and calling me anti-semitic, racist, fascist, and even a Nazi, which are all absolutely disgusting lies about me.”

“But their problem is that most people see through their lies bc their empty words don’t match the truth.”

“Yes I’m a Christian. I’m not perfect, I’m a sinner, and I know I can’t ever be perfect enough to go to heaven based on my acts alone,” Greene tweeted. “I need a savior and his name is Jesus.”

Greene reacted to Maddow’s monologue from her Monday night show in which she named Greene as part of a movement within the “Trumpiest” faction of the Republican Party.

Maddow’s segment compared Greene and Doug Mastriano, the GOP nominee for governor in Pennsylvania, to Smith.

Maddow on Monday compared Greene to a 1940s-era "Christian nationalist" politician.
Maddow on Monday compared Greene to a 1940s-era “Christian nationalist” politician.
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Maddow played a clip of a speech by Smith in which he denounces “subservice forces” who were trying to “mongrelize our race” and “enslave the white man.”

The Post has reached out to MSNBC seeking comment.


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