A fabulous life! Real Girlfriends in Paris follows Margaux LignelVictoria ZitoKacey MargoAnya FirestoneAdja Toure and Emily Gorelik as American women living in the City of Love. The Bravo stars’ lives look like they’re all about couture, parties and dating — but what are their *real* jobs?

The new series, which premiered on Monday, September 5, follows the six twenty-something ex-Pats as they purse their different goals in France, and they’ve all had different journeys thus far in the romantic city.

'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Cast Jobs
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Anya has lived off-and-on in Paris for nearly 10 years and has made a life for herself with her fiancé, Matthieu Rasset, and their dog, Zsa Zsa. She seems to be the mother hen of the group and wants to help her friends find hunky French partners.

“I love Paris because of the emphasis on art, on aesthetics,” she said in a season 1 trailer after taking her costars on a tour of a museum. She then jokes, “Raising five young American women in Paris is a full-time job, and I would love to see them off with a nice young French man.”

While Adja acknowledged she was simply “happy” to make “new friends” and have “new experiences,” Margaux admitted she was hoping to hit it off with someone romantically.

“I need to find someone that I like enough to have sex with and just get the cobwebs out a little bit,” the New Yorker said in an August 8 promo video to which Victoria, who went through a divorce, says, “It’s really not hard to find a date in Paris. Everyone’s horny.”

While their lives all look incredible, the cast has definitely worked hard to achieve their dreams. Adja is an ivy league graduate from Cornell University who uprooted her life to pursue a career change, while Margaux studied at the American School in Paris, the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design. As for Anya, she has a master’s degree in French cultural studies, and Emily first fell in love with Paris while she was attending New York University. Finally, Victoria ended up in the City of Lights after receiving a scholarship to Parsons School of Design. 

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