Redman aka Reggie Noble, aka Funk Doctor Spock, aka Superman Lover is one of the most well rounded emcees to emerge from Brick City. Coming up with the EPMD led Hit Squad in his early days, Redman has consistently dropped gems for a damn near 30 years. Doc is also well known for his affinity to weed and has created several weed songs that serve as anthems for any cannabis consuming hip hop heads.

I’ve compiled a list of some obvious choices from his early works to get you started. So sit back, relax, and let the funk hit you.

How to Roll a Blunt (1992)

The 18th track on Redman’s debut album Whut? Thee Album is an essential to any hip hop and cannabis enthusiast. The collaboration with Pete Rock was not only a banger but it was highly educational.

Look, this is from 1992. Well before Google started collecting your personal data. For the uninitiated, if you wanted to learn how to roll a blunt there were two ways: 1) ask a friend and risk ridicule or 2) decipher this Redman song and practice emptying your Swishers and Phillies until you got it down.

Smoke Buddah (1996)

Smoke Buddah off the 1996 Redman album, Muddy Waters, is the quintessential pothead anthem. The classic sample of Mary Jane by Rick James lays down the foundation for one of the greatest weed songs in hip hop history.

Redman is forthright with his audience regarding what the song is about declaring in the first line:

Ayo, I got a slight problem I smoke weed too much

Pick It Up (1996)

Also from the Muddy Waters album, Redman drops this weed joint classic (Side note: Muddy Waters is the fucking pinnacle of hip hop weed albums). Pick It Up is a lot of Redman at his best pointing out how much doper his is than other rappers. But contains several weed references along the way.

We pull Joints like Spike and blow crews to degrees
Then we buy G’s with a half a pound of dope MC’s
We bag for cheese just to get weed
Smoke indoneez I’m milky like Magnese

The hook, of course, is where the real weed head magic happens.

If you see a bag of weed on the floor motherfucker what the fuck you gonna do?

Why pick it up, Redman. Pick it up. Then of course smoke that shit.

How High (1995)

How High first appeared on a the soundtrack for The Show documentary. More importantly it was the first official collaboration between Redman and Wu Tang Clan’s Method Man. The friends showed remarkable chemistry on this track and later would go on to release the Blackout!

The Tical and Brick City combo is about more than weed, but there is no disconnecting Redman and Method Man from paying homage dank bud in most of their songs.

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane
It’s the funk Doctor Spock smokin’ Buddha on a train

Bonus: The video to this song is funny ass shit. Redman and Method Man pulling their best Beavis and Butthead impersonation is priceless.

Whateva Man (1996)

This dorm room staple in the late ’90s was the soundtrack for many college students who weren’t graduating (and they knew it). Another classic hit off of arguably Redman’s best album, Muddy Waters.

So are you ready to roll that weed up? Whateva man.

Author: The Mean

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