Emily Cooper and her fabulous French life — as well as her gorgeous, over-the-top fashion — are back in season 3 of Emily in Paris. Netflix shared the first photos from the upcoming season, showing star Lily Collins looking ever so stylish alongside a number of characters that is helping tip off viewers where Emily’s life may be heading following the season 2 cliffhanger. Keep reading for details on the show’s release date, which cast members are returning, new photos and more!

When Is ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3’s Release Date?

While an exact date has not been revealed yet by Netflix, it is believed that the show will return in late 2022. Season 2 dropped in December 2021. The streaming service announced the following month that it had picked up Emily in Paris for a third and a fourth season. Lily revealed season 3 began production on June 2, sharing a photo alongside costar Ashley Park on her Instagram page and writing in the caption, “Reunited in Paris! Let season 3 filming begin!”

Which ‘Emily in Paris’ Characters Are Returning For Season 3?

It appears the whole gang is back together in first-look photos released by Netflix on September 22. Emily is seen having an intense discussion with her on-again, off-again love interest Gabriel, played by Lucas Bravo, in one photo, while he’s pictured at what appears to be the Savoir P.R. office at a table next to his restaurant’s owner and Savoir client, Antione Lambert, portrayed by William Abadie.

Another photo shows Emily with her possibly former Savoir boss Sylvie Grateau in a deep discussion, while Silvie, played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, is pictured with several of the show’s beloved Savoir employees, including Samuel Arnold‘s Julien and Bruno Gouery’s Luc. 

Ashley’s Mindy Chen is also returning as Emily’s bestie for season 3, with the two ladies seen looking incredibly fashionable while sharing a laugh on a Parisian park bench in one of the production stills.

Are Emily and Alfie Still Together in ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3?

Emily’s romance with handsome British banker Alfie, played by Lucien Laviscount, was relegated to a long-distance relationship when he was called back to London at the end of season 2. The actor has been bumped up to full cast member status for the upcoming season, and the pair are seen looking glamorous while on a date night in one of the newly released photos.

It also means the love triangle between Emily, Gabriel and Alfie will likely continue into season 3. She rebuffed the handsome chef’s pleas to pursue an actual relationship, as the P.R. guru only had a year-long work commitment in Paris. But a new opportunity allowed Emily stay indefinitely and to finally pursue things Gabriel, but she was too late. He decided to give things a try with former girlfriend, Camille, who was shown moving in with him in the final scenes of season 2, much to Emily’s heartbreak. And yes, Camille Razat‘s Cami is seen in photos for the upcoming season.

Scroll down for new photos from season 3 of Emily in Paris. 


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