Back in April of 2021 the Delta variant had spread through a wedding in the United States with 92 people at that wedding.    This report information is about the folks already being vaccinated and details in how well these vaccines are working.     Here is that article: 6 people fully vaccinated people who attended the outdoor wedding caught the Delta variant, but people with Pfizer and Moderna shots survived, study says.     The dollar closed earlier today at $92.26, with it reopening going into Tuesday morning 7/13/21 and wonder if there could be a shortage on medication supplies?       The US dollar after reopening had went down to $92.18 for a low and has been as highest of $92.22 and has fallen back down to 92.21 at 7:21 pm PST.     Examining the MACDs chart on the dollar with last Friday’s closing with the negative red line at +.46 and today 7/12/21 it was at +.45.      The positive blue line last Friday was at +.45 and has gone down to +.42, the history line last Friday showed a negative of -.01 and today the negativity fell to -.03 on the history line against the dollar.    Showing weakness in the dollar with the negative red line pulling the US dollar down on price.    Here is the stock futures going into Tuesday morning 7/13/21: DOW is up by $7.00, the S & P 500 is down by $0.25 and the NASDAQ is up by $13.25 at 7:29 pm PST.

      Well got some data charts to work on to show them to when my Elizabeth will be arriving from Canada soon.


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