Thursday, February 24, 2022, may one day be marked as the start of World War III. It’s too early to say but the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin and Russia will be an infamous event regardless. Europe hasn’t seen this kind of atrocity since, well, last time Putin was stroking his own ego and seizing Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

The Russian invasion looks more like Hitler’s Germany marching into Poland than a conflict between bickering neighbors. None of this is impressive and a lot of hyperbole being thrown around doesn’t make Putin’s challenge of Western norm any less significant.

As much as I’ve criticized America, I am proud to live in this country, When compared to the tyranny of Putin’s mafia-run Russia, we have a pretty sweet deal.

Why did Putin Invade Ukraine?

Let’s make no mistake, Putin is taking this action because he has the proverbial small dick. Now, this isn’t to be taken literally, although it is likely factual. Putin is doing this to overcompensate for his historical failures in his 20-years of his dictatorship.

Putin was a low-level KGB agent when the Soviet Union fell. He was embarrassed that the country he believed in was a complete failure. He seized power by killing and silencing opponents. He’s a little man trying to be big. You know the type.

He’s been in power for 20-years and he’s failed in every aspect of restoring Russia as a world power. He has essentially stated that he wants to rebuild the Soviet Union. Regardless, he can’t even build up the economy for his own people, never mind supporting a union of states.

Putin’s justification for the invasion of Ukraine is that many decades ago Ukraine was incorrectly carved out from Ukraine by the Bolsheviks. Then when the Soviet Union fell Russia again fucked up and let Ukraine be its own state. This of course is total bullshit. Ukraine and Kyiv were established centuries before Russia farted out Moscow. Putin has not let these facts get in the way of committing war crimes.

Today Putin is acting like a deranged despot under the opium spell of Rasputin. This is the path he has chosen. History will put him in the same category as other shitbags. Eventually good and justice will win. It always will, but takes time. But until then Putin needs to be careful that his biggest enemy isn’t from within.

The Russian People Anti-War Protests

Almost 2,000 anti-war protestors were arrested in Russia for peacefully protesting. One has to wonder how close the country is to destabilization with the stock market down 50% in days and the Ruble at all-time lows. If the people run out of bread, they will eat their leaders.

Furthermore, there is a mole in Putin’s inner circle. I’ve seen enough movies to be an expert in this plot twist. The United States has been clairvoyant in predicting his every move. US Intelligence must either be psychic or has someone in Putin’s inner circle feeding them the information. It appears to be someone fairly high-up too.

If there is one snitch in the mix, it is very possible a mutiny is brewing if Putin goes too far. The world will have to stand on a razor’s edge to find out.

Putin is a Coward

Clearly, I’ve proved my thesis that Putin packs a breakfast sausage underneath his phony projection of strength. But the bottom line is this – the Soviet Union was a failure. Putin is a failure. He’s trying to rebuild the USSR. Trying to rewrite history. Pathetic. He’s 3rd rate dictator who has more in common with a redneck in Alabama who still flies the confederate flag, both thinking they can erase their disposition to failure and grow their small peckers.


Author: The Mean

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