While their good at selling multi-million dollar mansions, some of the Selling the OC stars are unlucky in love. Others, are happily married!

Tyler Stanaland, for one, has found love with  star .

“We had a bunch of friends in common, and he actually reached out to me on Instagram with a really lame pickup line,” the actress told  in February 2020 about how she met the reality star.

“We got tacos after years of being infatuated with one another and forgot how to speak entirely,” Tyler added at the time. “There was a certain amount of tequila consumed, and then we just started talking a lot. Then we fell in love and nothing’s really changed, we’re still eating tacos and margaritas together.”

They officially tied the knot in March 2020, and have been going strong ever since. The former surfer told Entertainment Tonight in August 2022 that his wife is “supportive” of his reality show appearance.

“I have what makes the most sense in my career, and she has what makes the most sense in her career, and kind of whatever is best, we do, and we support, and I think that’s what makes our relationship successful,” Tyler shared at the time.

While Tyler keeps his relationship with Brittany off the show, one of his Selling the OC costars, Polly Brindle, spoke candidly of her ex-husband. She loved “being the perfect wife,” Polly told Daily Mail in August 2022.

“I was making dinner every night for 7 o’clock, doing the laundry and on top of that, being the breadwinner. But I was happy to do it. The plan was to have four kids in total, three by the time I was 30, the white picket fence, everything. I was on track to do that and it was the perfect marriage right up until the moment it wasn’t,” Polly shared. She claimed during the show that her ex-husband had cheated on her.

These aren’t the only two OC Oppenheim Group agents that spoke about their love lives during the Netflix show. Scroll through the gallery for a breakdown of the Selling the OC cast’s dating histories. 


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