Since the US stock market boards had closed on Friday 7/23/21 going into the weekend: DOW is up by $210.00, the S & P 500 is up by $39.75 and the NASDAQ is up by $162.75 since the US markets closed and coming over the weekend these figures will change.      The dollar closed at $92.91 last Friday and had a high of $93.02 and a low of $92.78.       Thursday the MACDs were at with the negative red line at +.42 and on 7/23/21 it was at +.42, the positive blue line on Thursday was at +.40.      On 7/23/21 the positive blue line was still at +.40 and the history line is flat with it still at a negative by -.02.

       Until there is a change with the history line showing a positive side the US dollar should slip in price somewhat.      Before August 2nd, 2021 is a US deadline date to raise the debt ceiling, it could create irreparable harm to the US economy.     Here is that article: Yellen to Congress: Raise the debt ceiling or risk irreparable harm.       Seeing that the bars in San Francisco are in progress in wanting verification that people have been vaccinated and this could be a trend happening at other businesses throughout the United States.      For one I am vaccinated and haven’t had any issues from either the first or second shot, with the Delta variant the rate of hospitals have been increasing from mostly the unvaccinated.      Here is this article: Tired, San Francisco bars weigh COVID-19 proof as cases jump..     Things are sailing along from my Elizabeth recently talking about quitting the job that she is doing for her aunt up in Canada and wants again to come visit me.    She is also interested in moving with me coming up in the middle of September 2021 and will be taking Carson Investment Services LLC into phase II hopefully by the end of the year.

         So just waiting for the 4 bedroom house to become available in Florence, Oregon in a little over a month from now.       Last night I was designing the third game project something that I have been looking at constructing for many years.


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