Was checking online earlier this morning in recycling old cellphones for cash as one site was misleading in its advertisement.    The SINTX Technologies stock had shot up on Tuesday morning 7/29/21 when the US stock market boards were down.      Just placed in a bid to purchase more shares in CohBar Incorporated with a bid at $1.12 a share.      There has been a lot of activity on the SINTX Technologies stock with a couple of news articles.      Here are the articles based on what SINTX recently has agreed with a couple of companies and recently had shipped its first order.      SINTX Enters Ceramic Armor MarketOxford Performance Materials and SINTX Technologies collaborate to develop high performance coating solution.        SINTX Technologies ship first order of FleX SN-PEEK composite, here are the stock futures going into Thursday morning 7/29/21.     DOW is up by $119.00, the S & P 500 is up by $7.50 and the NASDAQ is down by $6.25 at 5:47 am PST.      The US dollar has been in a sharp decline since 2:15 pm EST on Wednesday 7/28/21, the MACDs since Tuesday have seen the history line fall to -.07 and then -.10 on Wednesday.      From Monday the positive blue line went from +.37, then on Tuesday +.32 and on Wednesday +.27.     The negative red line on Monday went from a +.41, then on Tuesday +.39 and on Wednesday +.37. 


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