With signs of the economy recovering faster than what the Fed’s were expecting and so they ain’t looking at rushing into things so quickly.     For myself I prefer in not to be rushed or having someone push me in something I wouldn’t want to do.     Neither does my Elizabeth and we are still making those plans to meet soon.    Waiting to hear back from Robert, with him getting his second vaccination shot today and so here is that article: Fed minutes: officials keep patient.      Even with her working hard up in Canada, she’s not trying to over work herself and the work she is doing has caused her stress.

        She has been taking more time to discuss her plans with me and I’m not in any rush and when the time is right when that day comes in meeting this woman that has taken my heart.    Like today I have mentioned to her, that I enjoy her personality and that business woman inside her.    Even though she’s a blue eyed with black hair and is cute and quite lovely to me.    The person within her past had told her that she was ugly and I most definitely don’t see that, but every person can always see something different in a person.     Its just finding the right person for the attraction to happen between them and begins the love within them.     Well, here are the stock futures going into Thursday morning 7/8/21: DOW is up by $1.00, the S & P 500 is up by $0.75 and the NASDAQ is up by $16.25 at 5:24 pm PST.      The dollar closed at earlier of $92.64 and has opened almost half an hour ago.     Its been as lowest of $92.69 and as highest of $92.72 and is at $92.70 at 5:27 pm PST.     Here are more of those 20 stocks that we had ended up researching over the holiday weekend.

         6.) AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Incorporated.

    Stock symbol ACRX, this stock has been falling in price since 6/28/21, the MACDs on the stock are declining.    The Relative Strength Index is at 40.22 percent, at the moment we are just watching it until we see a shift on the MACDs.     The stock is followed by two analysts, it closed today at $1.26 a share, the 12 month price target is at an average for $8.00 dollars.    The high target is $9.00 and the low target price is at $7.00.

         7.) Akari Therapeutics PLC ADR.

     Stock symbol AKTX, this stock began falling on 6/29/21, but there has been some strength showing the MACDs.     Been showing momentum and is on our list to purchase this stock soon, the Relative Strength Index is at 32.86 percent.     Akari Therapeutics is only followed by one analyst, with a 12 month target price of $5.00 dollars.

         8.) Astrotech Corporation.

     Stock symbol ASTC, starting on 6/30/21 this stock had been falling in price, its MACDs has been showing momentum rising slowly on the stock.     Another stock in looking at buying soon, the Relative Strength Index is at 44.14 percent.     Astrotech has only one analyst following it with a 12 month target price of $25.00 dollars a share and closed today at $1.18.

         9.) Avinger Incorporated.

    Stock symbol AVGR, this stock has two analysts following it with an average 12 month price target of $2.50.      It has just only the $2.50 target price by both analysts, it closed at $1.07, its been falling since 6/29/21.      The MACDs has recently gone through some momentum pushing the stock up and has slipped slightly on the MACDs.     The Relative Strength Index is at 45.96 percent, right now we are just watch the stock.

        10.) Caladrius Biosciences Incorporated.

    Stock symbol CLBS, on 6/28/21 this stock has been dropping in price, it closed at 1.48 today, the MACDs had begun to decline on the stock.     Right now we are just following the stock, the Relative Strength Index is at 37.23 percent.     Caladrius is followed by three analysts, with an 12 month average target price of $8.67, the high price target is $10.00 and the low target price is $6.00.

        11.) Digital Ally Incorporated.

    Stock symbol DGLY, it closed at $1.68, the MACDs have been steadily declining on the stock, it started falling on 6/25/21.     The relative Strength Index is at 39.71 percent and we are just watching the stock at the moment.     Digital Ally only has one analyst following it with a 12 month target price of $5.00.  

         Here is another update on the stock futures: DOW is down by $37.00, the S & P 500 is down by $3.50 and the NASDAQ is up by $1.75, the US dollar has recently jumped up to $92.75 and has fallen back down to $92.73 at 6:22 pm PST.        Yesterday when the history line was flat on the dollar, the positive blue line on the MACDs yesterday was at +.50 and went up to +.51.    The negative red line yesterday was at +.43 and had jumped up to +.45, the history line yesterday was at +.07 and is now only at +.06 today.    Still showing the dollar moving downward in price.


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