The US dollar recently has been as highest of $92.17 since reopening going into Monday morning 7/12/21, with the stock futures slightly on the downside.     Extreme hot weather conditions south of us hitting in California, Arizona, Nevada, Eastern and Southern parts of Oregon, including areas of Utah and Colorado.     Drought conditions has sparked many fires down south from here with many of them in California.      The main transmission power lines that run by Klamoth Falls, Oregon have arc from the heat and smoke in the area down there.     Power on those lines have been cutback as they provide power for the state of California and receives power from an Canadian hydroelectric dam.      Last night had been adding a lot of Pharmaceuticals onto our stock portfolio.      With a few more OTC stocks with one of them catching my interest because it has been going through some huge major price swings.

          The swings have been ranging between $1.50 to almost $6 dollars a share with it having these huge swings like every week.      Checked on Google News on this stock Avita Medical Incorporated as sometime around June, 10th, 2021 this stock has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for its burn treatment procedure.      Here is that article: U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves expanded use of Recell.         US dollar has climbed even higher with it going through another peak up to $92.20 just a few moments ago and has fallen back down to $92.19 at 9:19 pm PST.      Last Friday the dollar closed at $92.13 and has been as lowest after reopening on this Sunday evening 7/11/21 of $92.08.

          Here are the stock futures going into Monday morning 7/12/21: DOW is down by $58.00, the S & P 500 is down by $8.25 and the NASDAQ is down by $13.50 at 9:21 pm PST.        On Monday we will be checking against the dollar on the MACDs.       Late Friday night I heard from my friend Robert that I have known since 2010, that the vaccine shipment was delayed during the Fourth of July weekend.      

          Had pushed his second vaccination shot to Tuesday July 13, 2021 and so his trip is still on scheduled for the state of Washington.      Everything is still on schedule to head into phase II for our business plans and projects, including meeting Elizabeth between now and next month.      I even keep daily data reports on the investments and have started creating a chart that shows how much money was made starting from the beginning of the year of 2021.      


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