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Non-fungible token (NFT), sales dropped 23.37% in the last seven days. 30-day statistics show that NFT sales have fallen 63.10% compared to the previous month. A recent study has shown that NFT interest is declining. However, global regions such as Singapore and Hong Kong are leading the charge in terms of NFT interests. According to the research, “Poland is anti-NFT” is the country with the highest number of searches per country.

Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada have the most NFT interest — Poland, Nicaragua and Belize are the most anti-NFT countries.
According to a new study published on cashnetusa.com researchers combed through NFT data from every country between March 2022 and March 2022. They then calculated the monthly searches per 1,000,000 people using the Ahrefs tool. Cashnetusa.com researchers used the Twitter API, Snscrape tool and the Twitter API to search for tweets that matched the query “NFT” or “NFTs”. From there they used the Hugging face tool from Cardiff University to perform sentiment analysis. The team also calculated the 100 most popular NFTs on Opensea and scraped the data via Ahrefs in each country.

Researchers have found interesting evidence that NFTs have had a profound impact on each country. They also highlight the fact that Singapore is the most hungry for NFTs. The study reveals that Singapore searches for NFTs far more than any other country with an average of 18,717 searches per person per month. Researchers say that Montenegro is currently the most pro-NFT nation in the world, having captured “862 of 1000 tweets proving positively.” According to research, Poland is anti-NFT, with “227 out of 1,000 NFT-themed Tweets being negative in sentiment.”

Global Searches: NFTs from Decentraland and Axie Infinity
Cashnetusa.com also found that Axie Infinity, a blockchain NFT game, is the most widely used in the world. dappradar.com has shown that Axie Infinity’s NFT sales have reached $4.23 billion from 2,115,063 traders. According to the study, Axie Infinity is the most searched in 112 countries. Decentraland is second in 43 countries, while Bored Ape Yacht Club captures six.

The cashnetusa.com researchers explain that the Apes are a limited-edition, high-priced collection. However, they’re not easily accessible for NFT enthusiasts when searching for new acquisitions.

Cashnetusa.com’s research reveals that NFTs can involve a lot of “social and technical weirdness” and that there is some controversy around the subject. Divided opinions will follow where money and prestige lead. NFTs are surrounded by controversy due to wild investments, frauds, environmental concerns, and difficult-to-fathom technology. NFT commentators can be divided into two camps: evangelists or skeptics. The report concludes that NFT evangelists have a common allegiance to Bored Apes and Axie monsters.

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