The $10 Top Rated Amazon Leggings that are Worth the Hype

I have a confession: I don’t love online shopping. I’m more of an in-store shopper. I like to touch and feel and more importantly, try things on so I know if the sizing is just right. Returns are just such a hassle.

Every now and then I’ll find some online winners, like the cute swimsuits from my Zaful haul. But there can also be some misses, like my shopping review for Wish.com. Again, there are always hits and misses, so I prefer shopping in person.

But if there’s one site I’ve consistently shopped from, it has to be Amazon. I usually buy last minute random things {gotta love that Prime shipping!}, but when it comes to clothes, I haven’t always been so quick to add items to my cart. There was this killer $7 off the shoulder dress I purchased two years ago and recently I made another purchase.

It’s a basic garment, but a winner. Like, I love it so much I’m ordering more colors.

They’re a pair of leggings. Yup, leggings. Told you they were pretty basic.

But what made me give these leggings a try is the fact they have a near perfect 5-star rating and more than 3,000 reviews. At the time of writing this, 3,763 reviews to be exact. All for some leggings?

Since they were $10.99 {cheaper than the ones I buy from Target}, I figured I’d order a pair in black and grey.

When they arrived, they were the softest leggings ever. Ever. The online description mentions them being “buttery soft” and that’s 100 percent accurate.

I’ve had the leggings for more than six months now so I’ve washed them quite a few times. They’re still in tip top shape, just as soft and haven’t lost any of the elasticity in the waist.

These have become my go-to leggings for quite a few outfits, including while traveling or working out. The high waist means I can move around without having to worry about that annoying roll down waist.

I’m actually going to buy a few more of the leggings, another in black and maybe an additional color {they’re available in more than 30 hues}.

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These aren’t thick leggings I’d wear on a really cold day, but they were perfect for spring, summer and early fall. I’ll continue wearing them now that it’s getting colder, but as a layering piece {most likely under a long dress or distressed denim}.

Leggings can be seen as being boring or “basic,” but let me tell you, they’re a great wardrobe staple. Comfy, cozy and you can make them as casual or dressy as you want.

If you’re stuck on how to style them, check out this post: Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings. And you can get the Leggings Depot High Waisted Leggings here.

Worn here with a vintage wind breaker I found at the Goodwill Outlet while thrift shopping in Nashville and the Target sneakers from the Cat & Jack boys line.


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