AR or Augmented Reality is a hot topic in 2019. As we move towards the beginning of 2020, AR is going to be an even more interesting aspect of the industry to talk about. Many companies in different industries are adopting augmented reality apps for enhancing their business and customer experience seriously. However, several challenges are influencing the growth of AR.

Augmented Reality Hardware – at present, there are no AR headsets that are available in the market for the people to use. Apart from a few like Microsoft HoloLens and Meta 2, there are no other proven products to offer. They are at the same time very expensive which makes them difficult to afford. On top, the developers cannot yet say when they can develop such a product.

Augmented Reality Content – another challenge for AR is the content for it. There are currently no such applications that can support AR or work according to its programming. Hence, the developers have nothing to offer to the consumers in the present market.

Augmented Reality Education – last but not least, a major problem is the lack of education regarding AR. Consumers around the world are not exposed to AR so much and that is why not many people are aware of its concepts. Hence, the demand for such technology is much less.

These are some of the vital challenges that are blocking the progress of Augmented Reality at present and we can only hope these get solved shortly.


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