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Podcasts have taken the media mainstream channels by storm, and they truly run the gambit in style, genre, and, of course, production level. There are many famous podcasts that have churned out stars and have lifted people into their own personal hall of fame. There are comedic podcasts that will have you splitting your ribcage, and there are dramatic podcasts that will pull at your heartstrings until you’re nothing but a puddle of damp tissues. Of course, there are also other types of podcasts in between those. 

Hobby-based podcasts are extremely popular as are education and professional development ones. Perhaps one of the reasons podcasts have skyrocketed into popularity among modern consumers is their simple ease of access. You don’t need a lot of high-powered tech to listen to them, and you can listen almost anywhere; while you’re commuting, working, exercising, or even while you’re doing household chores. Podcasts make it extremely easy to multitask as you enjoy a well-told story or learn about the best ways to start a business from the ground up. 

The Birth of the Culture Camp Podcast

The Culture Camp podcast is one of many professional development podcasts. This particular series is created and produced by Jason Haugen, the CEO of the Haugen RV Group, who is also a content creator. Back in 2017, Jason Haugen had little direction in his life and wasn’t sure what path he wanted to take. Then, in 2018, he got his first opportunity to purchase an RV dealership. The price was attractive, and this could certainly be the change of pace that Jason was looking for at the time. He was only 24 when he decided to take the risk and sign the dotted line for the dealership; this was the beginning of the Haugen RV Group. 

Four years later, Jason has expanded his RV Group, built and developed an incredible team of leaders, and has grown his company to $100M in revenue; this was all before the young entrepreneur turned 28 years old. After reaching a comfortable level of success with his RV group, Jason began reflecting on the journey he started off on a handful of years ago. In that reflection, he realized he learned a lot about the RV industry, himself, leadership, and, most importantly, team building and entrepreneurship. Jason wanted to do something with all of the knowledge he’d accumulated, but he just wasn’t sure what quite yet. 

The people Jason hired for the Haugen RV Group and those he surrounded himself with were aways a primary focus of his entrepreneurial ventures. He feels that the leadership created the workplace culture and that workplace culture was an extremely crucial part of conducting business in the modern era. As a leader, he understands that times are changing, people are changing, and society’s expectations are changing. If someone wants to stay relevant and competitive in the current marketplace, they have no choice but to prioritize workplace culture and all of the contributing elements involved. It was this focus that eventually led Jason to pursue the creation and production of the Culture Camp podcast. 

Haugen RV Group
Haugen RV Group

Who Is the Culture Camp Podcast For?

The Culture Camp Podcast is a professional development podcast designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, team managers, and anyone else in an organizational position of leadership. The podcast’s main topics typically revolve around the tactics and strategies that successful individuals implement to build their dream team. People are at the heart of every company, and they’re also at the heart of the Culture Camp podcast. In addition to focusing on recruiting strategies, team development, and leadership styles, the podcast also touches on other operational and business model topics. 

The real backbone of the podcast, however, is the interview. The Culture Camp podcast features a wide range of guests from CEOs to entrepreneurs and even professional athletes. Jason Haugen acts as the host and interviewer and crafts a tailored list of questions based on his guest for that episode. The conversations that result from these questions are always engaging, insightful, and highly educational. Jason prides himself on his focus during interviews and the active listening he so intently practices. 

Jason is by no means a statue on his podcast as he contributes to the conversation plenty with his own thoughts and insights, but he often allows his guest to take the driver’s seat regarding the conversation. By doing this, guests feel more comfortable, open, and at ease, which allows them to speak more freely. All of this combined creates a very conversational podcast that is both easy to listen to and and educational. 

As touched on earlier, the Culture Camp podcast is largely geared toward entrepreneurs, business owners, and other organizational leaders. However, the stories, conversations, and insights into the way we develop culture can benefit just about anyone and everyone. 

One of the main reasons Jason is determined to continue his podcast venture is because he wants to help other professional leaders understand the value of workplace culture, team work, and how to create a self-sufficient business. He wants people to learn how to create a business that operates with the guidance of high-quality and high-achieving leaders. Listeners of the Culture Camp podcast learn about highly successful leadership teams through a conversational medium between Jason and other recognized players across various industries. 

Hosting a podcast, working as a CEO, and working as a content creator does not make for an easy-to-manage schedule. Jason keeps his plate full between his work with the Haugen RV Group, the Culture Camp podcast, and his other content creation work, but it’s all worthwhile to the young entrepreneur; he wants to make his mark on the world of company culture and showcase how it is developing within modern day organizations. 

Haugen RV Group

The Importance and Value of People

Jason looks elsewhere when discussing his level of personal success, his ability to stay organized with such a busy schedule, and his lofty goals. This time, citing his wife as one of his biggest supporters and a stable pillar in his life. He talks about how her love and support has helped him continue moving forward on more than one occasion, even when he felt like his back was up against the wall. This partnership adds to the growing theme of prioritizing the people he surrounds himself with and how that influences his daily life. 

This philosophy isn’t only embodied by Jason on the Culture Camp podcast and with the Haugen RV Group; it is one of the common themes between Jason and all of his guests. No matter who he’s interviewing, Jason and his high-profile guests always come back to the same topic: the people they surround themselves with. The idea that we are the company we keep is not a new one by any means as it is powerful and historically pervasive. Putting intentional and authentic time into cultivating relationships with those around us will almost always pay off in the long run. 

The intense focus on people and workplace culture is also why Jason and his guests on Culture Camp believe in compensating their workforce fairly and appropriately, offering them advancement opportunities and treating them with empathy. These traits allow them to connect with their employees on a deeper, more human level, and creates a workplace culture that is not only emotionally healthy and inclusive, but also productive, engaging, and fulfilling. 

According to Jason, there are three key elements to the success he’s found with Culture Camp. The first is somewhat obvious, as he lists having high-quality guests as his number on priority. These aren’t just people who are successful and high-profile, but people who are natural teachers and are generous with their knowledge. Second, he accredits the interview process and the time he spent learning how to tailor questions to a specific guest as a major reason his podcast has resonated with so many listeners. Finally, in today’s day and age, nearly everything is digital, and Jason has easily recognized the power of social media and the role it plays in modern day marketing tactics. 

Wrapping Up

With these elements in mind, the Haugen RV Group in the capable hands of Jason Haugen’s leadership team and managers, and, of course, the love and support from his partner and wife. Jason hopes to continue making a splash in the world of entrepreneurs as he approaches 30 years of age. The Culture Camp podcast is one of his many passion projects, which allows him to connect and network with a wide variety of incredibly interesting and highly-successful individuals who all have a compelling story in which listeners can pull insights and lessons from. If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or other organizational leader, the Culture Camp Podcast may just be right up your alley, so be sure to check it out on any major streaming platforms today.


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