“Feelings of relaxation and light-heartedness is the inspiration for the music selection,” Trecarichi explained in the second episode of The Engine Songs: Let’s talk V10 video interviews. “It is mostly a compilation of electronic music that calls to mind friends, weekends, fun and that sensation you experience when you get into the car to go dancing.”

The V10 compilation has been developed in harmony with the principles of psychoacoustics: the physical science between sound and pure emotion, which is applied at Lamborghini during the concept stage of all engines. To ensure the engine’s inimitable symphonies stir the driver’s body, heart and mind, a series of tests is carried out on the engine noise, using prototypes built inside a futuristic semi-anechoic chamber in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

To select the tracks of The Engine Songs, Alex Trecarichi applied the formulas of Fourier Transform to the song of the V10, just as when compiling the V12 soundtrack. This mathematical transform is instinctively triggered-off in the brain to break down a sound into its infinite sub-components. These naturally-occurring qualities are reproduced in the studio using artificial intelligence, to find the fundamental frequencies of the engine coinciding with the three precise phases of its expression: idling; cruising speed at 4,500 rpm; and maximum power at the threshold of 8,000 rpm.


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