Kevin Durant has the GOAT’s seal of approval.

Durant was a guest on Tom Brady’s “Let’s Go” podcast on SiriusXM and the two, along with Jim Gray, discussed the superstar athletes’ different approaches to social media.

Gray asked Durant about how he frequently spars with adversaries on Twitter.

“I always enjoy talking the game of basketball,” Durant said. “I happen to be a topic most of the time. But I’m still passionate talking about other players or situations or comparing eras. I’m just passionate about the game, so sometimes when I’m talking about me, I just happen to know the truth. It can sometimes look like I’m combative when I’m telling the truth.

“It may rub some people the wrong way, but at the end of the day it’s a conversation about a sport, so I don’t think it gets personal. Some people may take it personal, from me against them, but I don’t push it that way. It’s always about the game. I don’t take it that serious to be honest.”

Brady chimed in, saying that while he ignores the noise he loves seeing Durant wrestle in the mud.

Kevin Durant says he doesn't take his social media tiffs personally.
Kevin Durant says he doesn’t take his social media tiffs personally.
NBAE via Getty Images
Tom Brady supports Kevin Durant's Twitter mud wrestling.
Tom Brady supports Kevin Durant’s Twitter mud wrestling.
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

“I think the point is everyone should be authentic to who they are,” Brady said. “People approach it in different ways, and it just has to work for them and their personality. I definitely say things in the moment and with me my style is just to ignore as much as possible and realize most of the people in the conversation don’t have a full idea of what’s really going on.

“Certainly in football it’s a challenge because there’s so many little nuances and details — it’s a very intricate sport in terms of strategy and what you’re trying to accomplish. No one really outside of the group can really help us anyway. Basketball has a little different feel than that. It’s just up to your personalities.

“But, I appreciate people that can do what Kevin does and some other people do and just call it out. I have a lot of respect for that. I’m always like, ‘You go K.D.! Let ’em have it!’ I enjoy that part, too, because I like him, and it makes it easy to agree with his side.”


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