Tony Romo had a succinct message for Joe Buck: “You’re welcome.”

Buck and his broadcast partner, Troy Aikman, who left Fox Sports for ESPN this NFL offseason, both appeared on this week’s “The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast,” a joint venture between The Post and Sports Business Journal.

Romo reset the market for top-tier NFL broadcasters when he ignited a bidding war that culminated in a deal in which Romo got paid $17 million a year to remain at CBS. Marchand reported in The Post earlier this year that Aikman received a five-year deal worth a total of $90 million from ESPN while Buck is earning $75 million over five years from the network.

“I saw Romo at the Tahoe golf tournament,” Buck said on the podcast. “I was eating dinner with the guy I brought there to caddie. [Romo] walks by and he said, ‘You’re welcome.’ Then he kept walking.”

Elsewhere in the podcast, Buck revealed that he may very well have called his final baseball game.

“I’m not saying I’ll never do it again, but there’s a good chance I’ll never do it again,” Buck said.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman signed with ESPN for five years at a combined $165 million.
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman signed with ESPN for five years at a combined $165 million.
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Tony Romo told Joe Buck, "You're welcome" for the blockbuster payday from ESPN.
Tony Romo told Joe Buck, “You’re welcome” for his blockbuster payday from ESPN.
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Marchand followed up, asking him about Bob Costas saying he’d call minor league baseball one day.

“He’s been talking about that for 30 years!” Buck laughed. “Okay, go ahead! That doesn’t sound appealing to me. I’m good. I did two years of that. I’m fine.”

Buck’s father, Jack Buck, was the legendary long-time play-by-play man for the St. Louis Cardinals. The younger Buck also called Cardinals games for several years, and was Fox Sports’ voice of the World Series from 1996 through 2021.

Joe Davis and John Smoltz will now be Fox’s team for the World Series while Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen are replacing Buck and Aikman on the NFL this season.

Tom Brady, when he ultimately decides to retire from the NFL, will join the top Fox Sports announce team on a deal that Marchand reported as being worth a whopping $375 million over 10 years.


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