It was an exhausting day from not having good night’s sleep last night.     Being woken up twice from out of my sleep, one from Robert before midnight.      Then my Elizabeth texting me around 5:30 am in the morning.      Then Robert texting me about 10 minutes till 9 am and eventually began starting my day around 9:20 am.      With our meeting around about a quarter till noon in meeting Robert to discuss these business plans for the month of July.     Things are officially ready to go without anymore setbacks.   Afterwards had made payments on Elizabeth’s cellphone and mine and before getting back home. 

       Was able to let her know that everything is now in place and ready to go.      Once Robert returns from his trip visiting his old friend as I’ll let you know when my woman can finally fly to meet me from Canada.      Even explained to her that almost $40 thousand will be invested as an individual and will then begin phase II.       Here are the stock futures going into the Fourth of July weekend: DOW is up by $131.00, the S & P 500 is up by $28.00 and the NASDAQ is up by $152.50 as this could change by late Monday afternoon.         US dollar had fallen on Friday by .35 cents and closed at $92.24, yesterday the positive blue line was at +.50 and today was at +.50.       The negative red line yesterday was at +.38 and today it closed at +.40, with the history line on the MACDs showing +.12 yesterday and +.10 today 7/2/21.      Still showing the dollar in decline and so we will be back on Monday July 5th, 2021 sometime in the late afternoon PST.  


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