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Over 53% of NFT investors lost on sales trades in the past 30 days. Despite the market turmoil, investors who hold their NFT investments continue to grow despite the cold market.

Blue-chip nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which are often considered a good long term investment, fell below 10,000 Ether ( ETH) in NFTGo’s blue-chip index.

On April 29, blue chip NFTs saw their highest performance, with nearly 14,900 Ethereum. The index dropped to 9,331 Ethereum on June 13, which was mainly due to a floor price adjustment in CyberKongzBabies and CyberKongzBabies.

Over 53% of NFT investors lost on sales trades in the past 30 days. Despite the cold market sentiment, investors continue to hold NFT investments despite the apparent decline in the market.

In June and July, nearly 500,000 people joined the pool of NFT investors. This brings the total number of NFT holders to over 3 million. The largest market capitalization among all NFT categories is PFP (picture to prove) NFTs.

Market capitalization for former leaders, such as games, collectibles and art NFTs, is approximately $6.7 billion.

OpenSea, a NFT marketplace, announced that it will create policies to prevent the sale of stolen NFTs through its platform.

OpenSea acknowledged that some buyers had unknowingly purchased stolen goods and they were punished for their inaction. The marketplace changed its policy to allow police reports to be used in identifying threats.

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