An electric vehicle shipping company in the US is a company that specializes in transporting electric cars in the United States. These companies have expertise and experience in handling the unique requirements of electric cars, including charging needs, battery handling, and specialized transport types.

One example of an electric vehicle shipping company in the US is “Ship a Car Inc.” This company specializes in transporting electric cars, including Tesla models, and has experience handling the unique charging and battery handling requirements of these vehicles. They offer both open and enclosed transport options, depending on the needs of the customer, and provide insurance coverage for the vehicle during transport. They also have a good reputation for customer service and communication throughout the transport process.

This electric vehicle shipping company specializes in connecting customers with a network of qualified transport providers, including those with expertise in transporting electric cars. They offer a variety of transport options, including open and enclosed transport, and allow customers to compare rates and services from multiple providers.

How are they different from usual ones?

Vehicle transport companies that specialize in transporting electric cars differ from usual vehicle transport companies in several key ways:

  • Charging needs: Electric cars require charging, so a specialized electric car transport company should be equipped to provide charging during transit. This may involve special charging equipment or the ability to plug in at charging stations along the route.
  • Battery handling: Electric cars have high-voltage batteries, which require special handling to ensure safety during transport. A specialized electric car transport company should have experience and expertise in handling these batteries, including safely disconnecting and reconnecting the battery pack as needed.
  • Transport type: Electric cars are more sensitive to weather, road debris, and other hazard than conventional cars, so a specialized electric car transport company may use different transport types than usual vehicle transport companies. Enclosed transport is often the best option for electric cars, as it provides extra protection from the elements.
  • Expertise: A specialized electric car transport company should have expertise and experience in transporting electric cars. This may include knowledge of the unique features and requirements of different electric car models, as well as experience with charging infrastructure and other specialized equipment.

Why Insurance is necessary for your electric vehicle?

In the US, transport companies that specialize in electric car shipping typically offer insurance coverage for the vehicles they transport. The insurance coverage may vary depending on the transport company, so it’s important to check with the company to ensure that the coverage is sufficient to protect your electric car.

Typically, transport companies provide basic liability insurance that covers damage to third-party property or injuries to third parties. However, this basic coverage may not be sufficient to cover the high cost of an electric car or the specialized components, such as the battery pack. Therefore, it’s important to consider purchasing additional insurance coverage to protect your investment.

Some transport companies offer additional insurance coverage that can be purchased at an additional cost. This may include comprehensive coverage that covers damage to your electric car during transport or theft of the vehicle. It’s important to review the coverage details carefully to ensure that the insurance policy includes coverage for the battery pack and any other specialized components of the electric car.