Twitter went wild over a CNN Business article on Friday spinning recently-lowered gas prices in the country as a “$100-a-month raise.”

The piece, written by CNN Business senior writer Chris Isidore, argued that since gas prices have dropped from their record average highs, people should view it from the perspective that it’s an “unexpected form of economic stimulus.”

“Next time you stop at a gas station, think of it as a $100-a-month tax cut. Or a maybe $100-a-month raise,” he told readers.

Explaining the cause for joy, he wrote, “Since hitting a record of $5.02 a gallon on June 14, the national average price for regular gas is down $1.10, or 22%, to $3.92, according to AAA. That average has now fallen for 67 consecutive days.”

Isidore then couched that data in terms of household savings. “Since the typical U.S. household uses about 90 gallons of gas a month, the $1.10 drop in prices equals a savings of $98.82.”

However, Twitter users who lived with gas prices much lower before President Biden took office found this to be insulting propaganda. 

CNN called the drop in gas prices a “raise.”
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Rep. Kelly Armstrong, R-N.D., neutralized the spin in the simplest of terms, tweeting, “Gas was $2.39 a gallon when @POTUS took office. It is $3.92 now. Next on @CNN arsonist gets medal for helping fight fire he started.”

Conservative comedian Jeremy McLellan commented, “I think the same thing every time I rob a gas station.”

“Mock. These. People.” declared Red State deputy managing editor Kira Davis. 

Rebel News co-founder Ezra Levant accused the media and Democrats being one and the same, commenting, “The Media Party.”

Manhattan Institute senior fellow Brian Riedl blasted the network, tweeting, “CNN just makes it so easy for its critics. This is some next level gaslighting.”

“CNN is a complete joke.” tweeted the FreedomWorks Twitter account.

Republican U.S. congressional candidate from Texas Troy Nehls wrote, “This is why no one trusts @CNN.”

The Daily Wire account tweeted sarcastically, “Journalism at its finest.”

“Gas still costs, on average, $1.50 more per gallon than it did on January 20, 2021. This spin should be reported as an in-kind contribution to the Democratic Party,” countered America First Policy Institute chief communications officer Marc Lotter.

Rep. Mike Carey, R-Ohio, tweeted, “So it’s not just the White House changing definitions & twisting the narrative. Americans are still paying far higher gas prices than they should. Unleash American production, fast track energy infrastructure & stop penalizing the industry with overregulation & higher taxes!”

Daily Wire reporter Virginia Kruta summed up the propaganda, tweeting, “This is like the jewelry store that triples their prices before advertising a 50%-off super blowout sale. Imagine being stupid enough to not only believe you’re saving money but to actively shill for the gaslighters.”

“This would make Stalin blush,” remarked Free Beacon writer Drew Holden.

National Republican Senatorial Committee communications director Chris Hartline couldn’t believe the article got published at all, tweeting, “I would say it’s truly shocking that this made it through an editorial process, but then again, it’s CNN. So no, it’s not shocking at all.”

And Republican communications strategist Matt Whitlock asked Isidore to imagine his employer, CNN Business, using similar logic: “if your employer slashes your pay $200 but then gives you $100 back are you calling that a raise?”


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