Some bad blood? Tyler Cameron revealed why he “clashes” with best friend Matt James‘ girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell!

“I don’t like listening to people sometimes,” he told Us Weekly in an interview published on Tuesday, July 26. “And she’s strong and she has a really good opinion on a lot of things. And sometimes I don’t want to hear it.”

The former Bachelorette contestant admitted he and Rachael “clash” because they are both “passionate people in what we believe in,” adding, “But we’ve also learned from each other, so that’s good.”

Rumors that the Florida native, 29, and Matt, 30, were no longer friends stemmed from an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in May where Tyler told host Andy Cohen that he has a “love-hate relationship” with Rachael, 25.

“I was definitely going through my own s—t,” he clarified to Us Weekly about the prior comments, noting that fans think he and Matt aren’t friends anymore because “we’re just not in each other’s everyday lives like we used to be.”

Tyler added, “I think it’s part of growing up. It’s part of entering a relationship.”

The Bachelor Nation alum — who recently made headlines for entering a relationship with Paige Lorenze — told Us Weekly that he and Matt had been friends since 2012, alluding to the fact that people often drift apart.

“We all have those friends that they grow up, they start dating their person, they get married, they do their thing and you see him when you see him,” he explained.

When it comes to Rachael specifically, the First Impressions author called her a “really good person” and said she “always means well,” adding that she and Matt are “very happy” together.

“I think they’re good for each other,” Tyler added. “They keep each other happy and keep each other going and that’s what’s important.”

As for his own love life, Tyler gave Us Weekly an update on his romance with Paige, 24, during a separate interview. The model revealed they met out in New York City.

“It’s new as far as we’re learning a lot about each other and she’s an incredible girl,” the former reality star gushed. “She’s really special and we’ll see what happens.”

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“It’s all about energy,” he explained. “And certain people just move me differently, that’s how that happens.”

The ABC alum first stepped onto the scene after dating Hannah Brown during season 15 of The Bachelorette. He’s also been romantically linked to Gigi Hadid and Camila Kendra.


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