Markets are now trading odds on the Fed’s Sept. 21 decision. One trading firm stated that they trade the odds at 50 bps and 75 bps instead of considering the longer-term path for interest rates.

It’s Friday nonfarm payrolls (NFP), and prominent cryptos are trading in established ranges before the crucial U.S. jobs data, which may help to determine the magnitude of the Federal Reserve (Fed).

The report was once ignored by crypto markets. However, it has come to be a major part of the cryptocurrency market’s attention this year. It reveals the state and growth of the labor market in the largest economy. This helps the Fed decide how much liquidity tightening is necessary to cool down inflation.

Labour markets job data will tighten feds grip

The Fed will become more pro-tightening or hawkish the tighter the labor market becomes. The Fed’s interest rate-hike cycle has made risk assets like cryptocurrencies dependent on cheap liquidity. This year they have taken a lot of damage. The central bank raised rates by 225 basis point this year. (A basis point is one-hundredth percentile point.

The August figure, due to be released Friday at 12:30 UTC on Friday, could determine whether the Fed will offer a third 75-basis point increase or opt for a smaller 50-basis point move. According to Reuters the economy added 300,000. The unemployment rate remained at 3.5% and July’s 528,000 increases. After July’s 5.2% increase, the average weekly earnings will likely rise 5.3% year-on–year.

Instead looking at the broader rate path or the terminal rate market, markets are back trading the Sept.21 FOMC odds – whether or not they will hike 50 or 75 bps,” Crypto Fund QCP Capital stated in a Telegram market update. This refers to the Federal Open Markets Committee which determines the interest rate.

Fed rate hike likely to be 75bps

QCP stated that markets have already priced in a 90% chance of a 75-bps increase, which seems high considering August’s NFP and inflation figures. Traders could reduce their bets if there is a “significant miss” in jobs data.

The dollar will be hurt by a lower probability of 75 bps increases, while cryptocurrencies will benefit from it. According to ING data, the longest (buy) trade is currently the most popular. A weak report could cause a sudden drop in the greenback. The dollar tends to move in the opposite direction when Bitcoin (BTC), and ether (ETH).

“We are in a strange situation where bad news is good news for market. Matthew Dibb, co-founder and COO of Stack Funds said that if there is a surprise downside to NFP, rates may not be raised as fast or high, which would make speculative assets like BTC more expensive.

A 50-basis-point increase in interest rates is still considered monetary tightening. However, markets that have been hit by high inflation and back-toback 75-bps jumps might find some relief in the possibility of a smaller move.

Analysts at ING believe that a rate increase of 50 bps would be more likely if NFP prints are at least 250,000. However, the odds favor a move of 75 bps if data is above 350,000.

“Should there be more jobs than 350k+ and the wage increase post a second consecutive 0.5% monthly increase or higher, it could swing the argument for 75b bps,” ING analysts wrote in a market update . The market update was published Aug 26.

At press time, Bitcoin was trading at $20,000, which extended a five-day consolidation of $19,500 to $20,600. According to coinDesk data, Ether, which is the second-largest cryptocurrency in market value, traded little above $1,600.


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