On Display September 17, 2022 – May 14, 2023

Croatian manufacturer Rimac unveiled the Nevera in 2018, named for a swift Mediterranean storm that occurs off of the Croatian coast. Since then, it has been engineered into a production vehicle designed to showcase the potential of all-electric technology. Its efficient design integrates four electric motors and energy-dense 120kW battery into its carbon-fiber monocoque, making it well-balanced and extremely powerful. In 2021 it set the world record for the fastest production car, completing a quarter-mile sprint in a mere 8.58 seconds.

ENGINE: 4 electric motors (production Nevera)
TOP SPEED: 258 mph (production Nevera)
HORSEPOWER: 1,914 (production Nevera)|
0-62 MPH ACCELERATION: 1.85 seconds (production Nevera)
NUMBER BUILT: 150 (production Nevera)
PRICE: $2.4 million (production Nevera)



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