Had some issues to deal with yesterday with my fiancee dealing with identity theft and assisting her to get her name cleared.    The two of us believe it is being caused by someone she once had a relationship in the state of Ohio when Elizabeth was a Registered Nurse.    Today I tried to point out to her that we believe that her drug addiction boyfriend has been stealing her pictures.    The Facebook account that was created back in 2007 had been removed, but I still have evidence of the photo’s that were being used for this account.    This includes the Facebook ID number that was created for this account and notified Elizabeth that once we meet each other to report it to the IC3.gov.    That is part of the International Crime Unit of the FBI, the next time we text one another, going to get her to contact the three major credit score agencies.     To get Elizabeth to place a fraud alert on her credit score and have the International Crime Unit examine that Facebook account that was removed for any activity between 2007 through 2021.

         Me and her believe that this drug addiction boyfriend had obtained her old Motorola cellphone IP address.    Mentioning to her that they can use the IP address to track the services that you use, that is why you don’t want to give out things like bank account information.   Or your address on one of these social websites, waiting on her letter to arrive in the mail.    So was originally planning to send it through the site that we chat to each other and so she is going to mail me her address in where she lives to me.     I already have her on my T-Mobile account and will be soon replacing that phone, so that this person won’t be able to track her with this new cellphone IP address.       Nearly a month ago I have already verified Elizabeth by using the online White Pages and she had once lived in Ohio for 10 years.     She use to live in Toledo, Ohio and had came across a piece of property in which she owns a house up in Toledo.      That the two of us were discussing today and working with her to get her identity back.      Well if you believe that you might have been had your identity stolen, here is a link in what to do.     Identity theft: 10 steps to recover if your identity is stolen, DOW suffers biggest drop since October of 2020.    Here is this article: DOW suffers biggest drop of the year, each year the stock markets average at least three corrections of around 5 percent.     The last 5 percent correction was back in October of 2020 and was overdue for one and last year the recession was the shortest on record that only lasted two months.    But to others it probably felt like it lasted longer and here is that article: It’s official: the COVID-19 recession lasted just two months.       With more wild fires raging in the western part of the United States from the extreme high temperatures and these droughts without hardly any rain in the last 30 years.     Hoover Dam is an example from how much water has been lost from the climate change effecting our weather.       Most farmers within the United States have been asked to cut back on the water to water their crops.      Well here is that article on the wild fires: Size of Oregon wildfire underscores vastness of the US West.     Here are the stock futures going into Tuesday morning 7/20/21: DOW is up by $179.00, the S & P 500 is up by $23.00 and the NASDAQ is up by $96.50 at 7:59 pm PST.      The US dollar previous closed at $92.89 and has reopened three hours ago, with a low of $92.80 that it had moments ago.    The highest peak on the US dollar after reopening has been up to $92.89 and is at $92.84 at 8:03 pm PST.      Both lines from the MACDs on the dollar hasn’t seen any change from last Friday, with the positive blue line still hanging at +41.     The negative red line is still at +.43 and the history line still at negative of -.02, with it still indicating that the negative red line will pull the price on the dollar down.


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