The first stock that is at the top of the list that we are looking at investing into is Cellectar Biosciences Incorporated.    The stock symbol is CLRB, the MACDs is beginning to shift on the stock with it starting to show it slowing moving up.     The Relative Strength Index on this stock last Thursday on 7/1/21 was at 35.35 and jumped up to 42.23 on Friday 7/2/21.      At the moment this stock is at 1.24 a share and will be adding this stock on Tuesday morning 7/6/21 with adding shares into it.     But this will be before we head into phase II of our business plans and projects.    Adding this stock will grow our funds even more throughout this coming month.      Cellectar Biosciences Incorporated is followed by 4 analyst with average price target of $6.23, its highest 12 month target on the stock is $10.00.      The medium target price is $5.95 and the low target price is $3.00.      Year ago its earnings report was at -$0.81 and last quarter it earning report was at -$0.13 and has a estimate on its next quarterly report of -$0.10.

        Here is an article on Cellectar Biosciences Incorporated: Cellectar announces election, last night I had found out that a good friend of mine has died almost 4 years ago.      The man that died was David Hollo, he was the projectionist for the Detroit Theater in Lakewood, Ohio in my hometown.

        Was feeling sad to learn about his death and didn’t sleep that well last night, but did pick up shares in Cellectar Biosciences Incorporated.       Here is the article about the death of my old friend David: Middleburg Heights man dead after Olmstead Township house collapse on him

        In the 90s I use to go visit my old friend David and if this home was the one that had the horse farm and some oil wells on this piece of property.     Use to ride my racing bike to go see him during the summertime in the 90s and we use to go out to Cedar Point Amusement Park.     David was quite an interesting person and very knowledgeable.       He died 26 days after his 68th birthday as David Hollo was born on August 3rd, 1950 and was born in the same year as my oldest sister Christine Carson.

         I will miss him, with memories within my head, even the time when my old friend David was at one of the shooting arcades at Cedar Point.      In where he was shooting at targets with one of those censor guns and didn’t know at the time as I wanted to take a photo of him shooting at those targets.   

         Well the flash on the camera went off and all the targets on the shooting arcade went off all at the same time, the look on David’s face.     Returning that look back at me, still makes me crack up even after all these years that have gone by.      Over the 4th of July holiday I have learned that my Elizabeth use to live in Ohio for 10 years and was at onetime was a Registered Nurse.       I’ll be back tonight on Tuesday with some of those 20 stocks that I had researched over the weekend.


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