Honesty hour. Bachelorette star Gabby Windey opened up about her strained relationship with her mom, Rosemary Hewitt. Where does the reality star stand with her mother today? Keep reading to find out more.

Who Is Bachelorette Gabby Windey’s Mom?

Rosemary and ex-husband Patrick Windey were living in O’Fallon, Illinois, when Gabby was born in January 1991. They also share a daughter named Jazzmin

Both Gabby and Jazzmin have since relocated to Colorado, but it is unclear where their mother currently resides. In February, an Instagram account that appears to belong to Rosemary posted a photo watching people “bull ridin’” seemingly outside of Dallas, Texas. Back in 2014, she shared two photos, including a selfie with Jazzmin, and added geotags around northern California.

Following Rosemary and Patrick’s divorce, the reality star’s mother has reportedly been engaged to fiancé Allen Ware since January 2018, according to Meaww.

Does Bachelorette Gabby Windey Still Talk to Her Mom?

It does not appear that Gabby and Rosemary have much of a relationship. Although her mother follows her on Instagram, the ICU nurse does not follow her back.

Moreover, Rosemary was not invited to attend Gabby’s hometown date while she was one of Bachelor alum Clayton Echard’s top four contestants during season 26. 

“As a kid, she was really physically affectionate, and then she would, like, flip and kind of withhold her love,” the former Denver Broncos cheerleader explained about the dynamic with her mother to the leading man. “I was just like, If my mom could stop loving me, why can’t anyone else?”

Who Is Bachelorette Gabby Windey’s Dad? 

On the flip side, Gabby is very close with her father. The season 19 star took to Instagram to talk more about her family via Instagram following her hometown date. Viewers saw the Bachelor Nation starlet get emotional because her father was unable to attend due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, he showed up at the end and held up a sweet message on a sign to show his support while keeping his distance. 

“My family may be atypical one and we may look different from others, but I am so grateful for how perfectly to me we are stitched together and wouldn’t have it any other way,” she gushed while sharing a photo of her grandpa John. “They dropped everything to make this night so incredibly special.”

Bachelorette Gabby Windey and Her Grandpa John 'Are Stitched Together': Inside Their Sweet Relationship
Courtesy of Gabby Windey/Instagram

The brunette beauty continued, “I also loved being able to talk about my grandma. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t feel her presence … If you think my grandpa is entertaining, imagine the woman he was married to for so many years.”

It’s clear Gabby adores her dad, and she’s even referred to him as her “favorite man” via Instagram. In 2018, she shared the extent he went to in order to show up to one of her games while she was a Denver Broncos cheerleader. 

“Dad did 90 on the highway to get to my dress rehearsal on time lololol,” the leading lady wrote. “All this time dancing and his support never waivers.”

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